Authorization steps

Step By Step Guide to finalize your authorization as a Wholesale partner

Welcome to our Wholesale Partner Program!

If you are reading this page it means that you have been approved as an Ananda Soul Wholesale Partners and we are so excited to start spreading the love of our creations with you and your customers. 

 To get started and place your first order, please follow these steps:

1. Review and Sign (digital signature -simply type your name and date into the field provided):

      1. Terms and Conditions

      2. Warranty

      3. Advertising and Marketing Authorization form

      4. Online Retailer Guidelines
2. Once you have completed these forms, you can place your first Wholesale order!
    1. We invite you to take a look at our Wholesale Packages, designed to make ordering simple and hassle free! PLUS you'll receive a free display stand.
    2. You can order additional individual products here to add any items to your starter / re-order packages.
    3. You can purchase additional display stands here

** please note that not all of these forms may apply to you and your business, however we do require you to have read and signed all documents.

3. Download the marketing materials to share Ananda Soul with your community

    1. Once approved, download a copy of our catalog here. For printed copies, contact us directly.
    2. Download the approved marketing images here. Feel welcome to print out these images for your displays (we do have picture frames with the Ananda Soul framing for sale here).
    3. Make sure to tag us when you post any of the marketing images or other pictures of your displays / customers / team members so we can share the love on our social media pages.
      You can find us at:
      • Instagram: @anandasoulcreations
      • Facebook: @anandasoul

Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime with questions at, we’re here to help!

Thank you and Happy Shopping!