A special gift for you this Mother’s Day – A sound healing with Lumirä to nurture your heart and soul

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One of our core intentions this year is nourishment, as we’ve shared in Christina’s letter about love, nourishment and intention a few weeks ago.

This coming Mother’s Day we share a very special and deeply nourishing gift with all of you beautiful women out there – whether you are a mother or not – although, let’s be frank, in one way or another we are all mothering someone or something in one form or another. So this is for really anybody who is in dire need of slowing down and nourishing body, mind and soul.

Lumirä, a multi-instrumentalist, a yogini and artist is sharing a wonderfully guided meditation and sound healing experience with us and our community to rest deeply back into our beings, to find the touchstones of self-nourishment and recharge that are scattered around the inner landscapes of our being and to just become and be.

How can we create moments of deep, deep rest for ourselves that give our body, our organs, our mind, our heart, our soul the chance to heal and recover from a life of busyness, constant stimulation and the need to perform? By leaning back into our bones, our structure that makes us us.

Lumirä is an artist who explores the relationship between nature and the sacred, as well as the many dimensions of human consciousness. Her work provides a sensorial experience by integrating deeply moving sounds and instruments to awaken the spirit. Recognizing the power and connection between the breath and sound, Lumirä creates soulful offerings that bring peace and healing to one’s mind and heart.

“I am really passionate about creating immersive and meditative sound experiences that allow people to completely let go and tune inwards. I believe that sound is a powerful healing modality and that my purpose on this earth is to share my musical offerings with the world. The best way for me to connect with spirit is through sacred sound and my goal is to share these magical vibrational frequencies with as many souls as I can.” 

We hope you enjoy this beautiful soundbath ♥

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