Here's why we changed our podcast name to Sensitive Matters

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Hi everyone!  Christina here, creator and host of the podcast and founder of Ananda Soul coming to you with a bit of an update that’s dear to my heart. 

We're very excited to announce the rebrand from the Change the World a Little podcast to 'Sensitive Matters'.

Here's a little clip where I share the 'why' behind the change:

For those of you who’ve followed my journey with Ananda Soul as well as my life here in Bali you might have noticed some shifts over the years as I’ve begun to fully embrace who I truly am - including the fact that I'm a highly sensitive person and how important mental health is for all of us.  This change is one that has affected everything in my life from the direction of my interests as I’m now getting my Masters in Psychology to how I work with my energy levels,  acknowledging the gifts that come with my sensitivity and even weaving that inspiration into the jewelry I design for Ananda Soul.    
Sensitive Matters is a podcast that features gentle conversations on sensitive, important matters such as mental health, conscious consumerism, sexuality, spirituality, ethical business, and more. 

We’ll dive into this more in an upcoming episode where I'll share my journey as an empath, spiritual seeker and sensitive person including my personal journey with mental health as well as the journey of moving to Bali 12 years ago and creating Ananda Soul..

Join me as I bring other empaths, perceptive people, creatives, unique projects, and sensitive matters into the spotlight for these insightful conversations recorded from my home in Bali.

I’m dropping in here to let you know how excited I am about the new direction of the show and the upcoming conversations we’re so excited to bring to all of you.  

Thank you for joining me and Welcome to Sensitive Matters.

If you are curious about the unfolding of my personal offerings via Sensitive Matters, please visit the website here:

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