Episode 6 | Andriani Marshanda on Growing Up in the Spotlight, Mental Health and Her Self Love Journey

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Hello and welcome back to our Podcast – now called ‘Sensitive Matters’, a podcast that features gentle conversations on sensitive, important matters such as mental health, conscious consumerism, sexuality, spirituality, ethical business and more. In our newest episode we speak with Andriani Marshanda, better known as Marsha. Marsha is an actress (with having acted in over 20 movies), a singer and songwriter in Indonesia.

Marsha has experienced an unbelievable journey around mental health. In this episode she shares with us what it means to grow up in the limelight, about mental health disorders and what it feels like to be under public pressure to appear perfect. This is the story of how she became a passionate advocate for mental health and spiritual wellbeing.  

Enjoy the episode!

Or watch the video of my conversation with Marsha: 

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