Episode 9 | All about nourishment of body and soul with Chef Cynthia Louise

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Welcome to another yummy episode of the Sensitive Matters podcast. We are ringing in the New Year with my dear friend Chef Cynthia Louise, who is sharing with us all about her personal journey in life, with food and the healing impact it had on herself and others. 

Cynthia Louise is a qualified whole food chef that is leading the whole food revolution with edible plant recipes offering real food that nourishes and heals you from the inside. 

She gained her qualification in a leading health retreat on the Gold Coast Australia and has spent more recent years in Bali refining her art through collaboration with health revolutionist Tyler Tolman. 

Sensitive Matters Podcast With Chef Cynthia Louise

Cynthia Louise was raised in Papua New Guinea, she is the Author of her first cookbook ‘Plant-based love stories’, a bestselling author of 7 recipe books, the star of two cooking shows on Gaia TV and FMTV and an exciting and charismatic public speaker touring Australia, sharing her wisdom on how cooking can heal you from the inside out.

‘Sensitive Matters’, is a podcast that features gentle conversations on sensitive, important matters such as mental health, conscious consumerism, sexuality, spirituality, ethical business and more.

We hope you enjoy this episode! Listen up and leave your feedback below! 

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