Episode 21 | Tara Judelle on living life in flow

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Our latest guest to the Sensitive Matters Podcast is joy, embodied wisdom and curiosity in one. Tara Judelle, a full time yoga teacher for over 20 years is actually a lifelong student of spiritual practice, meditation and our connection to our bodies through Hatha yoga, contemporary somatic theory and the philosophy of Non-dual Kashmir Shaivism.  

She merges her knowledge and experience in her very own School of Embodied Flow, a school of yoga and movement reconnecting body, mind and spirit. Movement, asana, meditation, visualization, philosophy, psychology, verbal expression, and science are technologies she merges to acquire a deep sense of strength, ease and connectivity.

Listen to this episode as we walk our way through the following points:

  •  How Tara Judelle became a full-time yoga teacher and a lifelong student of spiritual practice, meditation, and embodied practices
  • What embodiment is and why it's important
  • How our minds and our bodies work together to help further our journey of self-inquiry
  • How yoga is a balance of steadiness and ease and how we can cultivate that for ourselves
  • How Tara uses the philosophies of non-dualism and Buddhism to bring about oneness within our practices and our bodies
  • The mechanics and how to hone in on specific parts of the body
  • Working with the axis of our bodies, working with the backbody, and finding our anatomical centerline of our bodies
  • The body's connection to our emotions, society, our ancestors and how we’re all intrinsically connected
  • Working with inquiry and how we experience different emotions within the body and bringing our awareness into those experiences

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we do! Listen and leave us a review and your feedback below!

Learn more about Tara Judelle and The School of Embodied Flow here:



Tara’s next offering begins on February 23rd and is an online-only immersion into the art of Embodied Flow. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to study with her. 



Christina Zipperlen is the designer and founder of Ananda Soul, but her journey doesn’t end there. She is also a writer and counselor, helping others to heal trauma, find their authentic self, and feel safe and whole as they walk through this life. She uses a somatic approach combined with Compassionate Inquiry to form a deep understanding of how the body, mind, and soul are undeniably interwoven. Interested? You can learn more by visiting www.SensitiveMatters.com

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