Episode 20 | Dr. Anita Johnston & how to eat under the light of the moon

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"Belonging is when you stay connected to your authentic self as you connect with others. Fitting in is when you have to abandon your authentic self to try to look like, act like, think like, feel like how you imagine others want you to look and act as, think and feel." -Dr. Anita Johnston

Our 20th episode is dedicated to Dr. Anita Johnston, a licensed clinical psychologist, pioneer in the field of disordered eating psychology, and author of Eating in the Light of the Moon and a true storyteller. She has dedicated her career to helping people recover from disordered eating and the relationships we have with food, with our bodies.

Having suffered – like many other young women – from disordered eating in her teenage years herself, Christina explores in her usual sensitive manner together with Dr. Anita Johnston the complexity of disordered eating and human sensitivity and what ways are available to us to address eating disorders.

This episode guides us through the following points:

  • Exploring the prevalence of disordered eating and its relationship to diet culture.
  • Examining the sensitivity and intuition of individuals with disordered eating.
  • Investigating the use of storytelling and metaphor as a way to address disordered eating.
  • The commonalities of those with disordered eating in regard to sensitivity
  • How we can limit external influences that may affect our body image 
  • How  underlying societal stereotypes of gender roles and the expectations we have around those roles can contribute as cofactors
  • What it actually means when people say they are in recovery for disordered eating

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Christina Zipperlen is the designer and founder of Ananda Soul, but her journey doesn’t end there. She is also a writer and counselor, helping others to heal trauma, find their authentic self, and feel safe and whole as they walk through this life. She uses a somatic approach combined with Compassionate Inquiry to form a deep understanding of how the body, mind, and soul are undeniably interwoven. Interested? You can learn more by visiting www.SensitiveMatters.com

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