Episode 19 | Kamini Desai & the art of Yoga Nidra

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We are back with an exciting and at the same time somehow relaxing episode of the Sensitive Matter Podcast. This months guest is Kamini Desai, author, yoga teacher and master of Yoga Nidra.

In this episode Kamini introduces us to the art of Yoga Nidra, what she means by saying it is ‘meditation made easy’ and how she encountered Yoga Nidra in her own life and practice.

This brand new episode will guide us through the following points:

  • What Yoga Nidra is as a spiritual and meditation practice
  • How Yoga Nidra is different from other meditation and yoga asana 
  • Kamini’s journey and the foundation that shaped her spiritual journey, career and practice
  • The benefits that Yoga Nidra brings as a practice.
  • How can we integrate our spiritual connection for those that are busy and have a hard time finding space for a practice
  • Some resources and practices to help us all stay centered in our ever-changing world

We hope you enjoy this episode! Listen up and leave us a review and your feedback below!

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About our host:

Christina Zipperlen is the designer and founder of Ananda Soul, but her journey doesn’t end there. She is also a writer and counselor, helping others to heal trauma, find their authentic self, and feel safe and whole as they walk through this life. She uses a somatic approach combined with Compassionate Inquiry to form a deep understanding of how the body, mind, and soul are undeniably interwoven. Interested? You can learn more by visiting www.SensitiveMatters.com


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