We love layering! – Here is how we do it

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Combination of: Shoot for the moon, Surrender to the flow & Compassion necklace

We love necklaces. Especially ours. Of course. :) 

And we love the intentions they come with. Quite often we can't get our heads around which one of our necklaces we would like to wear today. Sometimes several of them hit the spot at once.

So, Layering is the answer. 

Our necklaces come in different lengths and hooks to adjust the level and length they can be worn at. 

The art of layering depends highly on the lengths of the necklaces, as you obviously will need several length variations to play with. Depending on the style our necklaces generally come with 3 loops and in variations of either 36cm - 40.5cm - 45cm length or 48cm - 50cm - 52cm.

Besides our necklaces you can also always top it off with one of our malas that are usually 125cm and can also be doubled up and worn as 2 layers.

Main piece 

Combination of: Gentle Warrior, Universal Balance & My Love Is Powerful Necklace

One approach we love is to pick your center/favourite piece and to layer around that one. I personally love the My love is powerful necklace, Dare to shine Angel necklace or the Compassion necklace and add shorter layers to them that fit the main intention.

Short layer

Beautiful options for our short layer are our Gentle Warrior necklace, Shoot for the moon necklace, You are brilliant necklace and You are loved necklace.

Universal Balance
One Day At a time
You are Loved


Mid layer

We love these pieces as our center layer: Divine Purpose necklace, One day at a time Herkimer necklace, Universal balance necklace, Surrender to the flow necklace

Universal Balance
One Day At a time
Surrender To The Flow

Bottom layer

The bottom layer can be either my main piece, a Mala or any of these loved ones: I surrender and I trust necklace, Compassion necklace or the Wise Wild and Free necklace.

Universal Balance
One Day At a time
Surrender To The Flow


The most important thing is to have fun and be playful with layering and mixing our styles. We do not have rules to how to create your perfect layer. Maybe show us your favourite combination?

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  • Hi
    I purchased the beautiful Gentle Warrior necklace and earrings before Xmas and the first time I wore them I lost one of the earrings. I did notice that one of the clasps was not as tight as the other but it still closed when I put them on.
    I’m so disappointed as I can no longer where the earrings.
    I also previously purchased the silver and clear quartz necklace and earrings but had no problem with them.
    The Gentle Warrior gold set is by far my favourite so is there any way I can get another earring… 🙏

    Elenore Rowland on

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