A little Gift Guide for the Day of Love (or really just any day)

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Valentine’s Day is a beautiful occasion to honour and surprise loved ones. And it is just around the corner. But let’s be honest – no special day is needed to truly celebrate the one thing we all need in our life: LOVE.

While this year’s day of love might look a little different, that’s all the more reason to celebrate the people around you. You might not be able to go out to a romantic dinner, but you can still show the important people in your life how much you love them with a heartfelt gesture or token.

Love, too, comes in all shapes and colours and is hardly just to be limited to the romantic love between two partners.

The expression and honouring of love for our siblings, daughters, mothers, best friends, special colleagues and most importantly ourselves are not to be forgotten. 

So rather than saying this is a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, we like to call it a Love Gift Guide. For any day or time of the year when there is a felt sensation deep within you of wanting to gift or extend a gesture of love to somebody special on your life.


Yes, diamonds are anyone’s best friend – in this case it is a beautiful Herkimer diamond that is a variation of the crystal quartz. If you want to tell your partner how brilliant and mesmerising she is, let this be your pick. Worn around the wrist and as a necklace will surely have her eyes sparkle.



You Are Loved Ring
You Are Loved Bracelet


To be fair, everyone loves to hear that they are loved. However, there is a special and sweet spot in our hearts for parents that feel like they would like to reinforce their deep connection with a special symbol.

Mother Mary reminds us that we are always loved and held and safe. Worn in combination (ring and necklace) will amplify the energies surrounding these beautiful pieces.


I Surrender and I Trust

To cherish and love a mother for all that she is, also means to support her through her life and even its different stages. 

Our I surrender and I trust combo (necklace and earrings) hold the Stone of Power - a Smokey quartz. Smokey quartz is one of the most potent stones to protect us from negative energies, and is also able to transform, neutralise and ground darker frequencies back into the earth. Smokey Quartz is an excellent stone for grounding and it is highly recommended to keep within one’s aura for a protective shield against emotional and environmental stresses. 


Whether it is your sister, your cousin or your best friend – we love to see her shine her brightest light.

The gift that encourages her to dare to step into her full light is our Dare to shine angel necklace. It vibrates with the frequency of Archangel Gabriel who is known as the great messenger. 

He is chosen by the Divine to pass on messages of significance and inspiration that stimulate progress and bring new ideas into being. It is this very energy that brings in a strong belief in oneself to carry out the dreams and achievements to its final completion.


One of the most important shapes and colours of love is self-love.

Self-love is the antidote to every small and negative vibration in life. Maybe it is a good time to remind yourself that YOU are where all love starts. Not only within yourself, but most importantly the one for yourself.

May you be reminded of your greatest superpower: You! – with the support of our My love is Powerful necklace and All is love ring.

Happy Love Day, dear one. Whenever that may be for you. ♡


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