True North & Among the stars – a guiding light that leads us through it all

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Why we designed these pieces

In times when we feel like our ‘lights are switched off’ and we seem to stumble along our ways in order to find a solid path, a direction of hope or a destination to land and nourish ourselves, a reminder that we are always supported and provided for can come in quite handy. It is the darkness that brings out our brightest of light. Let yourself be carried by that.


There is comfort in looking at the stars at night. There are so many treasures to be found when we lift our gaze toward what is above. There might be a deepening of our understanding that – while our individual light is needed – it is all of our lights together that make up the whole of the sky. One can find answers to questions not even asked, guidance, comfort, inspirational sparks, maybe even trust.

Our newest designs Among the stars and True North are both reflections and protagonists of the mystical and mysterious night sky. Both pieces are made of a guiding star, our ‘True North’ that guides and leads the way along the horizon, in times of darkness, insecurity and unknowingness.

Among the stars

The powerful crystal Labradorite that forms the heart of this piece, invokes a sense of mysticism and combines grace and great healing powers in one shimmering phenomenon that changes its colour one light beam at a time. The little star pendant is also embellished with small Labradorite crystals.

Among the stars Ring, Necklace & Earrings

Similar to our 'The Universe has my back' pieces, this design reminds us that we are always held and taken care of by a greater force that unfolds and holds the entire potentiality of life. Whatever we aim for in our lifetime, no matter which path we choose to walk, we will always land somewhere among the stars if we trust and follow the guidance of the light and the shadows. The mystery of the night sky holds it all, just as Labradorite holds so much mystical energy. It takes its cues from the light of the Moon and the swirl of the stars providing us with patterns and paths of greater illumination.

True North

Our beautiful little twinkle star is our diamond in the sky. Whenever you feel like life leads you astray turn your gaze towards the sky for there you will find the guidance and direction that you need this lifetime. Our True North is the point of destiny we continue to follow throughout our lives.

True North Ring, Earrings & Necklace

Unlike any other star in the sky the North Star, also known as Polaris, is in the same location every single night, from dusk until dawn neither rising nor setting. Just like the North Star we are guided and called forward by an invisible force that leads the way towards purpose and calling, especially in those moments we might feel like we lost our direction. If we follow the illuminated path of our True North life will always lead us where we are meant to go.

Our True North and Among the star pieces are part of our new ‘Of Shadows and Light’ collection.

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