Holiday magic is upon us – listen to our brand new playlist

Posted by Christina Zipperlen on

The season of magic, comfort and sparkling lights is upon us and nothing beats some good old jingles to initiate the season of merry and bright. Especially when this is a season that comes with a side of tension and anxiety, too – let’s not forget about that.

Music is magical — it soothes and energizes us, it moves stuck energies and liberates our jumbled thoughts. Activating your vocal cords by singing from the bottom of your heart and belly can be freeing and empowering. Sometimes all we need are a few fun and cheesy songs to do so.

After 3498231034 rounds of Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas and Wham!’s Last Christmas things might feel a little loopy and blunt, which is why we asked our team to throw their favourite Holiday music into one pot.

And tadaaa, here we go – our first ever Holiday playlist on Spotify. We did make sure neither Mariah Carey nor Wham! were on it. (Don’t get us wrong we enjoy these songs just as much)

Here’s to a Happy Holiday together with friends and families of all ages, stages, sizes, hair lengths and fur colors.

Sending love from the entire Ananda Team

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