This is me – a new bracelet, a rainbow and what this has to do with self-expression

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At the moment, I have a desire to write about values, about tolerance, about diversity and the art of self-expression.

In a world adorned with endless shades of color (both literal and metaphorical) the true essence of humanity lies in the celebration of our – what I like to call – ‘many-ness’, or our diversity, in other terms.

Values that are rooted in compassion, listening, understanding and authentic expression are a pathway towards a more inclusive society. As we navigate the sometimes crazy and discombobulated tapestry of life, it becomes imperative to cherish the uniqueness of each thread, for it is through diversity that we weave the fabric of our collective identity.

The art of self-expression

I honestly think that at the heart of this mosaic of humanity lies the art of self-expression. We should never underestimate the power of showing our true colors. We talk about this a lot with our pieces. Come to think of ‘True to myself’ or ‘Dare to shine’ or ‘Here to be’ (and other pieces).

It is also something I strongly believe in passing on to our children. Never diminishing or reducing their light and their little big personalities that need to take up space in our world.

Self-expression is a profound reflection of our innermost thoughts, feelings, and beliefs — a testament to our individuality. Yet, in a society often plagued by conformity, the journey towards authentic self-expression can be fraught with challenges. It is here that the beacon of tolerance shines brightest, guiding us towards acceptance and mutual respect.

A rainbow on the horizon

A few months ago our team began reflecting on the significance and meaning of the symbol of a rainbow. We landed on the idea that with its kaleidoscopic brilliance it serves as a poignant symbol of this aforementioned ethos. Each color of the rainbow represents a unique aspect of life and personality, from red symbolizing passion and vitality to violet embodying peace and wisdom. It represents a spectrum of identities, experiences, and perspectives. Together, they blend seamlessly to form a harmony, mirroring the interconnectedness of all beings. The rainbow reflects how necessary each and every individual flavour is to make up something so mesmerisingly beautiful as one.

Just as the colors blend seamlessly to form a breathtaking display, so too should we embrace the richness of diversity in all its forms.


In the embrace of difference

In a world that often seeks to categorize and compartmentalize, it is through embracing diversity that we unlock the boundless potential of collective growth. Tolerance is not merely the absence of judgment, but rather the active embrace of difference. It is a commitment to listening, learning, and empathizing with those whose experiences may differ from our own.

Moreover, the journey towards self-expression and tolerance is not without its obstacles. It requires courage to challenge societal norms, to stand firm in our convictions, and to champion the rights of others. Yet, it is through these acts of courage that we pave the way for a more inclusive future—one where every individual is empowered to thrive authentically.

THIS IS ME – a new charity bracelet

‘This is me’ is a message that is so unapologetic and real as you should be showing up every single day.

In order to support these thoughts with a tangible creation, we felt compelled to add another very special bracelet to our collection of charity charm bracelets. And yes - it is a little rainbow dangling from a rainbow coloured cord. 


A free gift for the free and colorful world we believe in

For the month of June we are adding the 'This is me' bracelet as a free gift to every purchase in our online store to nudge you to be your most authentic self. 

As of July this bracelet will be availabe for purchase as part of our Giving Back charm bracelet collection.

With the purchase of this bracelet you are supporting the life, efforts, love and devotion of Balinese moms for their children. 100% of the profits of this bracelet go towards the Bali Children Foundation.


Because children are a beautiful reminder to us about how important it is to be our most unhinged, clear and authentic, colourful selves. A light that shines bright and that is not to be muted, for here are the seeds of authenticity planted for the rest of their lives. We want to support that.


Let us cultivate a culture of inclusivity, where diversity is not only celebrated but cherished as the cornerstone of our collective identity. For it is in embracing our differences that we truly discover the richness of the human experience. Together, let us paint a world where every color is valued, every voice is heard, and every heart is free to shine. And let us teach our children and everybody else around us.

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