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Did you ever wonder who the loving hands are that wrap up your jewelry and get the parcels on their way to you? Today we would live to introduce to you the lovely ladies of our fulfillment team.

To cultivate a sense of family at work has always been one of my biggest aspirations. I am incredibly proud to share that this is what my reality looks like today.

Every member of the Ananda Soul team is so very dear to my heart and together, we keep creating the roles that suits their skills and contributions to Ananda the most.

Our fulfillment team consists of four beautiful women. The team has been put together since the beginning of Covid. Due to our big shift from our retail shops to online these ladies also moved from retail to online wrapping up your orders in the most loving and kind way for you to receive the mindfulness and magic from Bali all the way to wherever you live in the world.

Yanti Sumiati

YantiYanti is our fulfillment manager and in charge of anything that is related to fulfillment and shipping. 

She started working with Ananda Soul 8 years ago as a shop assistant in the first Ananda Soul shop in Ubud, Bali. After a longer break Yanti came back to work with us in the office as fulfillment manager. That was almost 2 years ago.

When I asked her what makes her most happy she responded ‘time with family and friends’, to share funny stories with each other and laugh, laugh, laugh.

During her free time Yanti loves to spend time with family, exercise and watch movies.

Her favorite pieces are from our new Gentle Heart range - simply because they are small and simple. Small is something she considers as beautiful when it comes to jewelry.

Dewa Ayu Puspita Dewi 

DewiAyu – as we call her – is sharing her time as a retail assistant between our store in Ubud during 2 days a week and our office as part of the fulfilment team during 3 days a week. Ayu has been with us for 3 years.

Ayu loves spending her time with our Ananda Soul team. Spending time with the Ananda team makes her day. I love hearing this so much!

In her free time she enjoys watching Korean movies and dramas.

Just like Yanti she loves the Gentle Heart earrings and necklace, mostly because of the color of the pink tourmaline.

Ni Made Sudani - known as ‘Kadek’


Kadek is called 'Kadek' because she is the 2nd born child in her family. Bali has a tradition of naming their children based on the birth order, e.g. first born are commonly named Wayan or Putu, 2nd born Kadek or Made.

Kadek is a shop assistant who is helping our fulfillment team in the office during 3 days a week. She has been an important and much loved member of Ananda Soul for the past 7 years. Kadek enjoys the work with the Ananda team, spending time and laughter together is something that makes her incredibly happy. It is such a blessing to hear.

Her spare time is dedicated to her family and her kids.

Her favorite pieces are the from our Ever evolving pieces from our new collection – because she thinks too that simple is beautiful.

Putu Juliani


Putu is Ananda Soul’s own, internal cheerleader and important part of the fulfillment team –  particularly because she is incredibly funny. And Ayu’s best friend. Together they for Ananda Soul’s crazy duo.

Putu joined Ananda Soul 8 years ago as shop assistant in our very first store. Since Covid started she is now helping the fulfilment team full-time in the office.

She describes Ananda Soul as her second family and home. Her source of joy and happiness.

Her time off is dedicated to her husband and children. 

Her favorite pieces are the I surrender and I trust necklace, You are brilliant necklace and You are loved necklace. Because all Ananda Soul pieces are made from the heart.

Ananda Soul’s OG duo: Putu & Ayu 

These two ladies have been with us pretty much from day one. They are pure soul, pure light and the source of countless giggles in our office. So grateful for these two!

We hope you continue to enjoy our team posts. Let us know in the comments if you would like to learn more about us!


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