'The Nature of Us' – a new collection that reminds us of our instincts and the wisdom of the soul

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Today we are introducing a brand new, a little different, yet bold and beautiful collection drop as we continue to linger at the threshold of this still very new year. In deep listening to what has evolved and gathered around us in the past months, these precious designs have come forward to awaken us to ‘The Nature of Us’ calling forward our spirits, our instincts to protect, sustain and nurture our humanity, and the wisdom that nudges us to lean into, but also provide support to one another through mystery, magic and ancient knowledge – parts that are imperative to shape today’s and tomorrow’s reality.

This collection speaks through the strong symbology of the owl and the potency of Smokey Quartz with the owl as a symbol and representative of our own soul’s intelligence and wisdom. We weave in new chains, toggles, new crystal shapes and new stone settings to gently shake up what is known and comfortable.

What the world needs today are bold, one of a kind personalities that dare to speak up. Fearless and relentless in protecting that which matters and keeps us human. Calling forward our instincts as one of our greatest attributes as human beings, to keep us safe and protected.

Our soul’s intelligence and our instincts have the capacity to protect us from harm – provided we listen to it.

For there are many things we are born to be.

We are born to be plot twists in a world of complicated stories. Truth tellers in a world constraint by comfort and routine. Born to exist in our depths in a world that distracts us often with beautiful surfaces. To love with wild, open hearts in a world filled with humans guarding theirs closely. But also - to be old souls that can choose the wisdom and instincts of our intuition to be our guide through this life.

For this collection we mainly worked with the powerful and fascinating qualities of Smokey Quartz.

The Smokey Quartz crystal is a grounding stone known for its ability to help us move on from challenging or painful experiences and to understand within ourselves what is true and right. It dares us to be courageous and asserts direction to allow truth to be our own lighthouse in the dark. Due to its supportive and energy absorbing qualities it comes with a nurturing intention, a sense of feeling ‘taken care of’ as it transforms, neutralises and grounds that which isn’t in service of our highest back into the earth. 

The Nature of Us’ is prompting us into moving relentlessly and courageously with the tides of life, to sit in the unfolding and to listen to what we already know to spark action that ensures all our being.

Meet our new pieces…

'I see with my soul' and 'Soul Wisdom'

The owl is a timeless symbol of knowledge, mystery, and the subconscious, representing courage, spiritual protection, and guidance. Touch gently into the wisdom of your own soul with our enchanting ‘I see with my Soul’ and 'Soul Wisdom' pieces.

I See with My Soul Necklace

'I See With My Soul' Necklace

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Soul Wisdom Owl Ring

'Soul Wisdom' Owl Ring

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I See With My Soul Crystal Necklace

'I See With My Soul' Crystal Necklace

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Soul Wisdom Stud Earrings

'Soul Wisdom' Stud Earrings

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Soul Wisdom Crystal Bracelet

'Soul Wisdom' Crystal Bracelet

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Soul Wisdom Owl Necklace

'Soul Wisdom' Owl Necklace

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As messengers of the spiritual realm, owls carry the energy of wise elders and ancestors, reminding us to trust our intuition. These organically shaped pendants depict an intricately designed owl embellished with two Smokey Quartz stones amidst delicate tree branch etchings. The back of the pendant bears the words ‘I see with my Soul’ or 'Soul Wisdom' nudging us towards meeting life through leaning into the support of our own magic, mystery and wisdom that we all carry within.

Owls are the visionaries of the animal kingdom and with their ability to see in the dark, they are a bridge between the visible and the invisible worlds. In some traditions, owls are symbols of transition and transformation, representing the journey from darkness to light. They offer us intuitive guidance, especially during times of hardship, as they relay truth, understanding and answers in moments we need it most. Owls transform life challenges to a promise of better beginnings. With faith beneath their wings they encourage us to come into alignment with our deepest truths to see us through the dark.

Charged with the power of strength and protection, the Smokey Quartz crystal is a grounding stone known for its supportive and energy-absorbing qualities. It is one of the most potent stones to protect us from negative energies, so we can feel safe to be ourselves. 

'Bold to be'



Stand tall and embrace the strength and wisdom within knowing that your soul’s wisdom and inner intelligence has the capacity to protect you from any harm. Our bold, but intricate ‘Bold to be’ pieces are charged with the power of strength, protection and safekeeping to hold you in those moments where you are called to be the voice and truth your soul asks you to be.

Our new bangle and Bold to be ring are both engraved with the words 'I trust my instincts'. Our instincts are a guiding light through the night and an encouragement to keep moving forward even though the direction might be unclear. When we are reminded of our soul’s intelligence and capacity to trust, magical transformation occurs.

Bold to Be Necklace

'Bold To Be' Necklace

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'Bold To Be' Ring

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Bold to Be Earrings

'Bold To Be' Earrings

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'Bold To Be' Bangle

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Known as the ‘Stone of Power’, Smokey Quartz not only protects us from negative energies but also neutralizes and grounds darker frequencies back into the earth, acting as a protective shield that calms and purifies its surroundings allowing us to feel safe to be ourselves. This strong and fierce stone is valued for its capacity to amplify intuition, daring us to be courageous to stand in our own truth.

Smokey Quartz guides us to a place where we can let go of what was and step into trust of what is meant to be.

Which pieces are you going to pick?


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