Let your hair down, sing, dance and play with Ananda Soul’s Spotify playlists

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When life feels heavy do you have rituals for release? 
One of my favorite ways to relieve the stress and seriousness of life is through music and movement. 

To drop from the head into the body and to let it all undulate and spiral through movement is just as important and necessary as stillness and rest.

Music is magical — it both soothes and energizes us, liberating our jumbled thoughts and moving through the body to release all tension.

Today we bring to you exactly that. Ananda Soul has made an entrance to Spotify with our Sensitive Matters podcast, today we are taking it one step further. Meet four new playlists that (hopefully!) match your mood:

Moon Magick

Songs for the ancient wisdom woman in you, to dance under the moon, to cast spells, to praise Grandmother Moon, to witch dance, to ritualise. Ethereal, nature-bound, devotional, one with Mother Earth.

Gentle Heart

Soft and meditative tunes for the deeper drop-in to your heart and soul space. Instrumental with a little boho that moves you and makes you move from inside out.


Fluid Flow

Get all juicy with some electronic slow beats and alternative pop. Surely tunes to dive into the deep flow of life.


Break Loose

The songs that make us happy. That make our hair flip and our tush wiggle. That open our hearts to joy and even greater fun. Bounce to old songs and old school hip hop - yeeaaah!


Love is love

Songs that celebrate all shapes and forms of love. Because love is love is love is love.


Whether you’re tapping your foot, gently swaying to the beat, or letting loose in the uninhibited delight of dance, I hope these Spotify playlists bring you joy and ease. 

Do any of these playlists resonate with? Give us a follow and let us know your favourite songs! We are always open to add on!

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