Wise, wild and free – what does real, raw beauty mean?

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A few weeks back I received the most beautiful little surprise. My dear friend Julia posted a photo with a caption that made me tear up:


Julia's words and message made my heart dance because it was a confirmation that all the love and intentions I had poured into how I run this company is actually becoming manifest in the most magical ways.  

Growing up in a rural area in conservative Germany, Julia was taught from early on that flaws are not to be shown in public. Girls have to look pleasant and neat. 

This story is her's share. The word “Wild” tattooed to her bottom and stretch marks that kiss and hug the curves of her womanly shape are something she would have never shared openly and publicly a year ago. Yet, here she is. It is how she feels. “Vulnerability is strength”, she shares with me. “I would have never shown myself like this. It did not feel appropriate. But going for it despite my own outdated beliefs of beauty that have been planted on me at a young age now feels incredibly liberating. It is scary and vulnerable, but rewarding, too.”

And then there is of course Social Media. And the latest App technologies. Filters and beautified imagery are available at every click. It is no surprise that the reality of beauty becomes increasingly tinted and the perception of media consumers merciless and judgmental – what happened to real, raw and messy beauty? The one with the sand and the dirt in the face, the wild, messy hair, but with the cheeky smile and fire in the eyes kind of type?!

Julia’s share is self empowering. It is her stepping into the woman she truly is, showing up in her fullest expressions. And yes, it includes stretch marks. To be honest – don’t we all have them anyway?

I am proud of you, Julia. It is a courageous act to show up in all of your magnificence and realness. Embrace the amazing woman you truly are!

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