What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Oh what a juicy and fun question! What was your response when aunties, teachers and kindergarten friends would pop that question? 

Well, my answer always was that I wanted to be an artist. From the moment I can remember, I’ve loved to create, paint, design, weave, knit, carve, mold, draw, file, solder, oh just writing this list makes me smile! So it’s not a surprise then that I ended up as a designer – though I’d argue weather or not I’m grown up now lol.

Another response to that question unfolded later on, after loosing my mom to cancer and overcoming anorexia was “I want to be a yoga teacher.” The reason behind that was that I wanted to share with others the gifts I had found through yoga, meditation and spiritual studies and my heart wanted to find a way to express these messages.

The one response you wouldn’t have gotten from me was: “I want to be a business owner.” or “I want to manage people, run production, take care of sourcing, oversee the marketing, create budgets, sell things and all the other bits that come with running a company.” Nope, never in my wildest dreams. But surprise – those things did come along with my dream!

As this beloved company has been unfolding over the years, my soul was and is beyond clear that if I don’t stay connected to my 2 reasons for doing what I do - Creating Beauty and Being Mindful – I’d have no interest in doing it at all. 

modelThat explains why I have been so driven to research the ins and outs of sustainable production. If I was to really produce merchandise, I wanted to make sure the process is aligned with my life priority of being mindful. Let me tell you, the jewelry industry isn’t a pretty one when it comes to sustainability! But I have been and am determined to be on the leading edge of what can be done.

That is why I am so very excited to announce that since the beginning of this year we are working with a new silver supplier who provides green recycled silver.


I have learned over the years that the process of cleaning silver is actually a rather toxic one. In order to be able to reuse the metal, it is necessary to clean it from any other metals or materials that might have been added. The company we now work with is fully aware of this issue, guaranteeing a green and ethical process to purify the silver and disposing of any waste matters in a sustainable way.

I feel blessed to be able to create art that others get to wear, it makes my heart sing in ways I can’t describe.

However, it’s not just about the external beauty of those creations, it matters what they are made of and how they were made. Little successes like finding the right suppliers & materials and working with a happy team are the things that truly keep me going on this path - and it makes it so much fun! 

Thank you for being part of this dream!


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