Of Shadows and Light – a New Jewelry Collection is Ready to be Met

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Of Shadows and Light- A New Jewelry Collection

I will love the light for it shows me the way,
yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.
– Og Mandino

A single light can both defy and define darkness. To let our individual light shine upon this world, is what at this point in time our creations aim to remind us all of.

This new jewelry collection is a dance and a play of shadows and light. She is the alchemy of day and night. She is our reimagining of a more primal and empowered expression of femininity. She is romantic reverie while looking at the stars.

This collection is closed eyes, soft exhales and the sweet bouquet of trust as we lean back into the hands of the universe, her sun and her moon.
We are never not supported.
There is an invisible force that guides us.

May we attune to our True North to walk the path that is meant. All we need is to see our blessings all around, own our light and our shadows and understand that amongst it all is where we can find our strength and our power.

Inspired by the night sky and her beautiful protagonists – the moon, the sun, Venus and the stars we bring forth a new collection that reminds us of who we truly are and that now more than ever our uninhibited expression of truth is what is needed most in this world. There is no need to be afraid of darkness. Neither of our light.

Meet the stars and heroes of our new jewelry collection:

Dance with your light

Dance With Your Light
Dance with your Light Ring

Dance with your light is a beautiful ring that has been created to invite dance, play and lightheartedness into your life, for you are wise, beautiful and mesmerizing. Nothing shall ever stand in your way to dance and laugh a little more with your beautiful light.

The beautiful shimmer of Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite are a testament to our inner light that shimmers and sparkles at all times – uniquely different as it depends on how the light comes in. Life is a dance that is not to be taken too seriously. It is a back and forth, a side to side sway, a twirly tango and maybe a cheeky cha-cha step. Allow yourself to dance with your shadows when times feel tricky, but also don’t forget to swing with your own light. Rest in the knowing that you are a perfect manifestation of your own truth and your wisdom, ready to come out, to dance and to play.

Intuitive wisdom

Intuitive Wisdom Earrings, Ring, Necklace & Bracelet

There is a tenderness in this design that is deeply touching. A Rainbow Moon stone shaped like the Gibbous Moon, the phase before and after the Full Moon, brings about inner truth and knowing – while understanding that the way life unfolds is nothing less than in simple and pure perfection. Just like the Moon, we are perfect and complete in all phases, especially the ones where our light might not feel like it is shining at its brightest. There is nothing that can take away the wisdom and knowledge that resides deep within us, not even you yourself can do that.

These delicate and gentle Moonstone pieces are an invitation to come to understand that your light is just as perfect and complete as it is and that there is a greater wisdom residing deep within you that you can call upon at all times.

Moonstone enchants us with its soft and magical feminine energy and pearly white light and incites a deeper understanding of who we are and where we are meant to go. It captures all the magic of the Moon and gathers it in one shimmering piece invoking psychic protection.

The Universe has my back

Universe Has My Back

The Universe has my back Ring, Hoop Earrings & Necklaces

This beautiful square shaped pendant carries the words ‘The Universe has my back’ on its backside. Embellished with a crescent moon and the stars of the night sky, this dazzling and delicate piece is a smile and a nod from the Universe personally to sink into trust because it has your back indefinitely and boundlessly.

Every day when we wake up we have a new choice of how we want to meet the world. To live in alignment with the Universe means to trust in certainty within the uncertain and unknown. It is about tapping into a space and place where regardless of whatever life gives you, you can allow to trust. Obstacles turn into opportunities. Trust invites you into a daily dialogue with the universe, co-creating a proactive relationship with the ever-existing presence of love.

This design is meant as a daily whisper, reminding you that you live in a friendly Universe and that life happens for you. Guidance comes in many forms and there is a presence far greater than you sometimes might believe that is always supporting you. The Universe is the holding field of everything, of unlimited potential and manifestation of energy and matter. What you seek, you can become.

Among the stars

Among the Stars Ring, Necklace & Hoop Earrings

This design is a reflection of the mystical and mysterious night sky accentuating a guiding star which lights us the way along the horizon. The powerful crystal Labradorite invokes a sense of mysticism and combines grace and great healing powers in one shimmering phenomenon that changes its color one light beam at a time. The little star pendant is embellished with small Labradorite crystals.

Whatever we aim for in our lifetime, no matter which path we choose to walk, we will always land somewhere among the stars if we trust and follow the guidance of the light and the shadows. The mystery of the night sky holds it all, just as Labradorite holds so much mystical energy. It takes its cues from the light of the Moon and the swirl of the stars providing us patterns and paths of greater illumination.

Labradorite teaches us how to bring life-giving energy to all areas of our souls – from the body to the mind and those deep corners that are hardest to reach. 

True North

True North Ring, Hoop Earrings & Necklace

Twinkle, twinkle little star – this beautiful star piece is our diamond in the sky. Whenever you feel like life leads you astray turn your gaze towards the sky for there you will find the guidance and direction that you need this lifetime. Our True North is the point of destiny we continue to follow throughout our lives. Combine this design with our 'The Universe has my back' pieces to feel the energy of the entire cosmos that you are always supported wherever you may go.

Unlike any other star in the sky the North Star, also known as Polaris, is in the same location every single night, from dusk until dawn neither rising nor setting. Just like the North Star we are guided and called forward by an invisible force that leads the way towards purpose and calling, especially in those moments we might feel like we lost our direction. If we follow the illuminated path of our True North life will always lead us where we are meant to go.

Sun & Moon

Ananda Soul Sun Moon Necklace

Sun Moon Necklace & Mala

When the sun and the moon come together we are reminded that darkness and light are needed for life to come to wholeness and completion. The light of the sun powers up the light of the moon in order to gift us guidance in the darkest of nights. To find strength in the shadow and in the light as it is engraved on the back of this coin-shaped pendant is a reminder that all phases and aspects of life have their validity and a lesson and story to tell that enables our growth and expansion towards understanding our own completeness.

This coin-shaped pendant carries the sun and the moon in its center surrounded by all phases of the moon. It is a beautiful reminder and affirmation that allows us to see our own strength in all phases and the light and dark aspects of our human existence on earth. 

The symbol of the Full Moon and New Moon are made up from Labradorite and Moonstone crystals.

Own who you are

Own Who You Are

Own Who You Are Hoop Earrings, Bracelet, Ring & Necklace

Wear this beautiful piece as an affirmation of your commitment and promise to yourself to ‘Own who you are’. The goddess depicted in this very special piece that is so dear and near to our heart is the goddess Venus, the one that is associated to be the goddess of love, sex, beauty, fertility and victory. She speaks to us to own all aspects of who we are in a time where the true and wild expression of what it means to identify as a woman is still being questioned and suppressed by outdated patterns and beliefs.

Venus is the first celestial being that appears visible in the sky in the evening and is the last one to disappear from the sky at sunrise. Known as the Morning and Evening star, she carries the energy of the ever-present creative force that births, holds and nourishes all parts of humanity as we transition through the dark and the light of life.

This piece is encoded with the fierce and sensual energy of the goddess Venus that speaks nothing less than from her womb space, the cosmic place of creation and sexuality. More than ever it is imperative for women to stand up for who we are, our bodies, what we believe in and our own rights related to it all. We are sensual, sensitized beings that are the birthplace and cradle of mankind – a place to be revered, honored, acknowledged and deeply honored.

Like Venus, we rise from the foam of the sea when we own and live up to our own parts that allow for the loving co-existence of all of creation.

This oval-shaped design is adorned with beautiful Rose Quartz crystals that carry the energy of unconditional love, compassion and kindness.

Blessings all around

Blessings All Around Necklace

Our Blessings all around necklace is a creation that manifests as the energy it stands for: wherever you wander this Earth, open your senses to receive what is in front of you, because blessings and richness can be found in every corner of life – from the obvious one that is flooded in light to the smallest nook enveloped into the shadows of our world. 

The pendant depicts the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi embellished with a Pink Tourmaline. By calling her energy into your life you invite every form of blessing into it, too: good fortune, fertility, health, prosperity, and beauty. 

Lakshmi gives the gifts of worldly abundance, wealth, food, spiritual luster, and radiance in all its forms. She is known for her capacity to invite both worldly enjoyment and spiritual freedom into co-existence. She is the energy to be invoked for peace and prosperity, sweetness and harmony. Lakshmi’s true face is found in the abundance of the natural world. Her power nourishes life on earth, her allure is her ferocious, unconditional, never-ending generosity, her righteousness and loving care for all creatures, as a steward for cultivating our Earth. 

We honor Lakshmi as a deity of the Hindu religion and philosophy. Please note that we are working with the intention of this symbol rather than promoting or following a specific religious belief.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. – Marianne Williamson

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