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✦ Hey darling, are you currently looking for something to gift? ✦

August, September, October, November are usually busy birthday months in every one’s life – don’t you sometimes think so, too? On top of that there is the Holiday season, the New Year, weddings, engagements, birth and so many more other reasons and occasions to look for and find a precious and special something to gift to the person you love.

We wanted to make things easy for you – so we as a team had a little sit down altogether and shared our most favourite pieces from all collections that we love to pass on to our friends, families and special loved ones. Whether that is a question of intention, healing stone or styling – here are our favourite combinations for you.


1. Infinite potential + I am Whole necklace

The world is a place that is always already perfect. With you being in it, it means that you are so, too. Understanding that we always already have what we need within us opens our view towards a field of infinite potential. Don’t these two pieces complement each other so perfectly?

Layer your potential and already present perfection by combining these two powerful pieces around your neck. The Infinite Potential and I am Whole necklace come in different lengths – perfect to wear them together. 

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Infinite Potential + I Am Whole Necklace
My Love is Powerful Mala + Ever Evolving Necklace
Dreamseeds + Ancient Wisdom Earrings
Shine + Beam of Light Earrings
Shine Stack Rings + Manifest Your Dream Ring
Infinite Potential + True North Ring

2. My Love is Powerful Mala + Ever Evolving Necklace

One thing that marries these two is Labradorite, a magical, bedazzling phenomenon. A soft stone, one that never seizes to amaze, one that evokes courage and transformation and whispers deep healing. Be reminded that life is a dance that never stops twirling and that all that holds you upright is one universal song: the song of love.

A necklace and a mala make the perfect combination for layering. How good is this, that it's now available in one? And thanks to the length of the mala you can even wear them altogether as three layers.


1. Dreamseed + Ancient Wisdom earrings

Plant your seeds and intentions guided by a deeper knowing that dates back many moons and lifetimes ago. Whether you wear multiple ear piercings or just one, mix and match as you please and have some fun along the way.

Enjoy this set if you have several ear piercings, give yourself options to switch and combine or pass on one pair to a dear loved one.

2. Shine + Beam of Light

Shine bright like a Herkimer Diamond that kisses the pearly look and feel of Moonstone. Be a light that shines through the portal that leads you to remembrance of your essence nature. Be you. It’s all we, the world needs.

What happens when we combine light with light? Exactly – everything gets lit up.  Pair these beautiful earrings for yourself or pass on the light to a loved one who might need some reminding of her own light.


1. Shine + Manifest your dream

Darkness and light, day and night, New Moon and Full Moon – it is in the opposites, the tension field where we find completeness. Wear these beautiful gems on your fingers to be reminded that dreams are the fabric of life in which you get to shine ever so brightly.

Ring stacking is the new black - call in all that you need for your path to unravel or gift one of these as a symbol of deep friendship and connection.

2. Infinite Potential + True North

We love to gift our Infinite potential pieces as they open the doors to wider views and a deepened understanding that the universe is never done offering its very best to you.

Allow the True North to guide you towards the path you are meant to be on, for it will never leave you should you ever stray away.

The Moon and the stars create the perfect symbiosis of the heart. Bring the sky right into your hands by wearing both rings at the same time.

Which one of these sets speaks most to your heart?


Each of our gift sets were selected with a different energy or intent behind them.
And each set comes in a beautiful gift box with a personalized card, too.

On a gentle side note:

There is of course nooooo need to gift all pieces of one set to your special loved one. Maybe you just want to keep one of them simply to your self ;) What a win-win: buy a gift and be blessed with a special token, too. Don’t we all love a little gift to ourselves? ;)

Have fun and enjoy gifting these precious gems! And make sure to share the love with us on Social Media, we want to seeeee!

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