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Last year our “Force of Nature” pieces – as a crucial part of our ‘Tales from Within’ collection – entered this world. Inspired by the energy of Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunt, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and fertility we brought forward this very special and precious design.

Artemis is the one that lives by her own rules.

In turbulent times like ours this is exactly what we aim for everyone to remember.

The energy of Artemis serves as a reminder to live authentically. Her message is to stop comparing, to own that ‘this is my life’ and to be at peace with our own unique journey. 

A new Mala is on the way

A year after our initial launch we decided to add on another special piece to this collection: our truly beautiful ‘Force of Nature’ Mala. Consisting of 216 beads (which makes it a proper Japa mala to pray with) this mala is made of Tulsi beads, Rose Quartz and Citrine.

The intricate pendant is accompanied by a stunning Morganite crystal. ‘This is my life’ as it is engraved on the back of this diamond shaped pendant tells us the story of our fierce independence and reminds us to honor every single lifeform around us.

Why Artemis

Artemis is a force of nature, fiercely independent. She is source, a daughter of the earth.

Artemis also inspires us to sit with the trees. To feel the soil underneath our feet. To dance wildly to the hum of our own heartbeat. To love loud and full. The energy of Artemis is a strong Yes to life - a passionate expression of everyone’s right to live, whether that is the animal world, the plant world, the human world, or Mother Earth herself. 

'Force of Nature' Mala

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'Force of Nature' Necklace

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Our new ‘Force of Nature’ Mala is available online and in our Bali stores in Ubud, Uluwatu and Sanur. ✨


We acknowledge the goddess Artemis as a key figure of Greek mythology. Please note, we honor this symbol's intention and energy rather than endorsing any particular religious belief.

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