How to Cleanse Your Jewelry of Negative Energies

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Cleaning your jewelry in a physical sense is just one side of the cleansing process. Of course, we want to make sure that our love pieces don’t tarnish or gather dirt and grime. However, we often forget that wearing jewelry on your skin for a good amount of time potentially charges the metal and gemstone with all different kinds of energies that you have surrounded yourself with, including negative ones. How do we remove potential, inharmonious, negative energies which might have accumulated on an item, so it provides a fresh, healing, energizing energy and intention?

We have created this little how to with the help of the lovely Persia Juliet, Yin Yoga teacher in Ubud, Bali.

Smudging with Sage

Smudging with white sage is a powerful cleansing herb for homes, rooms and just about anything else. If white sage isn’t available to you – choose local herbs that grow where you are and bundle them into a smudging stick. It works just as well and perfectly for jewelry, too. 

  1. Set the space you are going to cleanse your jewelry in to create a safe and clean container. You can lay out crystals, incense, set up candles, flowers, deity figurines, pen and journal and any other trinkets that have a special or even sacred meaning to you.
  2. Prepare the jewelry you want to cleanse.
  3. Light up a candle, take a moment and ground and feel into the space that you have just set up for yourself. Is there anything that needs clearing, can you sense something that makes you feel uneasy or unsafe?
  4. Cleanse and sage the space, in particular if you feel energies that you want to get rid of, smudge the crystals and everything that surrounds the jewelry.
  5. Then cleanse the jewelry, smudge it with an empty mind and clear thoughts. Allow the smoke to envelop the jewelry for about 30 seconds. Dedicate your entire focus on your jewels and imagine or visualise yourself pouring your positive energies and thought streams into the jewelry, while you are blasting free anything that could be lingering, as if you are giving it a power wash.
  6. You can drop into a short meditation and set your intention while putting the jewelry on or holding it in your hands. Feel the jewelry, keep on pouring your harmonious vibrations into it, charge it up with your feelings and intentions or even speak to it if you wish or have something to say to it.
  7. Fortify or expand your intention through journaling on it. Wear it as you do so.

Besides smudging there are also other ways to cleanse your jewelry from unwanted energies.


Most gemstones and metals come are taken from the Earth. It was the Earth that gave them their initial vibrations and powers. By bringing the items back in contact with the Earth, it helps to restore these powers and vibrations. Put your items into a protective cloth bag. Find a location which is serene and sacred to you and that you can easily find again. Bury your items there and leave them in the earth for 24 hours. This will help reconnect the items with Mother Earth and bring them back in alignment with the planet’s energy field. 

Sun or Moon Energy

The sun and moon are powerful influencers on our lives, we live in accordance to the circadian rhythms. The tides are under the moon’s influence. Animals guide their lives based on the sun and moon. With crystals and stones coming from nature it would make sense that they too are influenced by the celestial lights.

Let your jewelry reconnect with that power by exposing them to either the sound or the moon.

Cleansing Crystal

One technique which works very well, too, is to use a big master crystal or crystal cluster. It is quite common to keep clusters or geodes in the house in general to act as a renewal agent. The crystal or crystals actively clean a room and everyone who comes within it. 

When we care for our jewels and stones, we are caring for ourselves. We are allowing energy that is inharmonious and out of alignment with our lives and intentions to leave in a peaceful and healing manner.

Taking these small measures allows us to be more mindful in our interactions with the jewelry, with ourselves, and with others.


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