When three make a party – an earparty with Ananda Soul

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You love our designs, but can't make up your mind which one to wear today? You happen to have more than just one piercing in your ear? We hear you.

Welcome to our little ear party guide. (Don't get us wrong, it is not that we want to exclude anyone with only one or two holes.)

We have different earring shapes – bangles, different sized hoops, ear studs – that can be beautifully stacked and combined based on your current mood and outfit choice. So this is what we can do with it.

Here are a few rules:

1. You can totally have an ear party with just one piercing. You are the host of your own party, so choose with significance. Make it meaningful, choose pieces that could be combined differently for left and right or stay with the same style. After all, these are your ears and what it means should only matter to you.

2. If it is available to you, we love the rule of threes. A bigger a hoop, a midsize hoop, a small hoop and/or an ear stud. Try it out and play with it.

3. Because it is a party - go above and beyond with the mix. Keeping all of your jewelry in the same metal looks elegantly pulled together, but don't be afraid to also break the rules every now and then. Mix crystals, gold only, or if you happen to have any of our silver hoops go with these ones, too. Could be fun!

4. Really - when it comes to ear parties - there are really no rules. Have fun, play, be the host of your own creative adventure.

Here are a few of our favorite combinations:

Day Dreamer Stud Earrings, Day Dreamer Hoop Earrings and You Are Loved Earrings
From the very top: Ever Evolving Stud, Day Dreamer Hoop Earrings, Spread your wings hoop earrings and Divine purpose Earrings
Ever Evolving Stud Earrings, You Are Loved Earrings & Gentle Warrior Earrings
Ever Evolving Stud Earrings, Day Dreamer Stud Earrings & Follow Your Bliss Earrings
Day Dreamer Stud Earrings, Shoot For The Moon Stud Earrings & Shoot For The Moon Hoop Earrings
Ready for your own ear party? 
Have a look at our earring section!

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