A Grounding Meditation: permission to nourish into Self & our Earth

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Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is an adequate perception of the world. – Hans Margolius

Having existed in this world in the last few years meant having made it through a wobbly, bumpy ride: collective changes, personal challenges, triggers and displaced nervous systems were felt and experienced by so many of us. But on the other side, there is also a lot of positive outcome. It is what life does. The good and the bad go hand in hand. And this gives us the power of choice, even in those moments where it doesn't feel like it.

Remedy can be found whenever we anchor into that which is real, authentic and whole. It can be found in that which holds and carries us – our Earth. Mother Earth. Pachamama. The one that births us, nourishes us, and takes us back when our time is over. One of the best ways to do so is through quiet moments of reflection, silence and meditation. There is a deep, indisputable connection to Mother Earth. It is in this anchor that runs through us, that we can find back to our groundedness and clarity. 

A Grounding Meditation for You

The natural refuge tree

  • Start by settling into a comfortable seat, sensing into the weight of your lower body and notice your particles settle as you arrive. Make sure you are supported and able to be at ease.
  • Notice the way in which your weight is distributed in your seat. Take note if it is even, or if you are more inclined towards the left, the right, the front or the back and if you are able to find your center.
    Imagine your pelvis is an anchor - grounding you into the Earth you are sitting on.
  • Feel down into the base of your spine, the point that connects you to the Earth. Envision roots growing from the base of your spine, like a tree, burrowing down, anchoring so deeply into the earth, you become a part of her. Nothing can rock you, pull you out of your foundation.
  • Feel yourself rooted in the place that you are in now.
  • From these roots imagine the spine and torso as the trunk of a solid tree. Visualize its bark, the structure, texture, smell, stability - give it adjectives as you continue to give it your awareness and observations
  • Take the space to lean back into that which is you, that holds you.
  • Let your inner eye wander through the belly, through your diaphragm, the base of your heart, your heart towards your shoulders.
  • From the shoulders upward we imagine/feel as if we had branches extending skyward, towards the astral. Branches that make up a crown that you would wear.
  • Where the leaves of our tree would be, we see the benevolent faces of our loved ones, community, familial and spiritual ancestry from which we receive blessings, love and support in form of liquid light flowing down to us. The stars are woven into our branches like diamonds from the sky.
  • Let the light, the love from our loved ones trickle down through our branches, our trunk and roots back into the Earth.
  • Let the light and love be a creative intelligence that exists through you, that permeates you and passed on into the Earth itself, you are a connection point between the Earth and the heavens.
  • Allow yourself to bask in the sensation and support of the Earth as well as your guides. All is connected, in deep reciprocity. Our roots are like super highways that share nourishment, energy and wisdom with one another. You are not alone on this Earthly realm.
  • Slowly start to bring awareness back to your surroundings, notice any other sensation your senses grasp before opening your eyes slowly. Move with mindfulness and intention as you take the sensation of groundedness into your day.

Why we ground

To get through our challenges and become loving with all that is, it matters to embrace the highest highs and lowest lows of life. There is a place deep within us that is unharmed, unchanged, untouched, unimpressed by life and reflects all that we are. This is the part we want to live from. This is why we forge the connection between our human self and the Earth. And this is what we call grounding.

Grounding does not solve the problem that is contributing to our unpleasant experiences, it does provide a temporary way to gain control over our feelings and prevent things from getting worse. When we are grounded we are able to accept and let go of the momentary challenging moments, we feel more at peace with our authentic selves and can act from this place.

Last week was Earth Day

Inspired by the celebration of Earth Day last week, we wanted to speak to the idea of acknowledging and honoring Mother Earth as the nurturer and bearer of all life.

Earth Day is a day that celebrates and honors our planet. It brings light to the efforts and the achievements of the global environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Mother Earth’s resources for future generations to come. The intention is to educate, diversify and activate. Earth Day creates visibility for projects and initiatives that support our resources and our future.

Our offering for Earth Day is to bring you and us back to our own inner earth and with this to our interconnectedness.

This Earth Day we are offering a grounding meditation to connect deeper to where we are coming from.

    I allow nourishment

    'I Allow Nourishment' Necklace


    A beautiful reminder and symbol of our connection to Earth is the tree, the tree of life even.

    Inspired by the Tree of Life our 'I Allow Nourishment' pieces are reminders to lean back into yourself as if you were to lean against the trunk of a tree. To lean back into the trust that your true nature can hold all of you and all of life. That your true nature is nothing else than a reflection of Mother Nature and every being around you. That ultimately we are all connected. This is what 'I allow nourishment' is about. And that is why self-nourishment and grounding is so incredibly important.

    Happy Earth Day every day!

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