A trip up North – visiting the kids and schools of the Bali Children Foundation

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You've likely heard us say that the future lies in the hands of our children. To support the education of children has been one of our main missions since the day one of Ananda Soul – it is in fact an important pillar of our giving back work.

Children are the leaders, shapers and the decision makers of a better tomorrow. Providing education, mirroring different ways of thinking, communicating and empowering them to speak their own truth are essential means for a self-determined and impactful life that contributes to a better, thriving community. Education doesn’t only involve literacy and maths, but also social interaction, play, ritual and compassion.

Our work with the Bali Children Foundation

As you might know, 10% of all our profits support the Bali Children Foundation, a foundation that focuses on enabling education for children from Balinese families in need as a way out of poverty, paving the way from education to employment. The friendship bracelets we launched in September 2021 are 100% nonprofit pieces that are also being donated to the Bali Children Foundation.

We are currently sponsoring the tuition of 11 children all the way from elementary school through to the end of high school.

A trip up North

Last month we had the wonderful opportunity to do a trip with a small team and visit ‘our’ kids in their schools in the North of Bali.

It was a heart-warming and touching experience to meet the kids we have been supporting over the past few years, bring gifts and witness them in their play and learning.

See in our video how it all went:


About the Bali Children’s Foundation

The Bali Children’s Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation on our home island dedicated to helping children in Bali escape poverty through education. It is their mission to create better futures, so that the kids become more than just statistics and can make their dreams come true, ultimately helping not only their selves but also their families.

Want to support?

Our charity bracelet - our friendship bracelet - is a nonprofit piece, which means that 100% of the profits flow towards the Bali Children Foundation. 



Learn more about our giving back ethics on www.anandasoul.com

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