Conversations about Mental Health with Maxene Magalona

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Maxene has come into my life through mutual friends here in Bali. Originally from the Philippines Maxene was one of the beautiful souls that ended up staying in Bali when the pandemic hit the world in March 2020, gracing our local community with her impeccable presence. What was originally meant to be a one month trip together with her husband Rob and with only a carry-on suitcase turned into an entire year of living in Bali. It is one of these stories where you know once Bali has cast its spell on you, you are in for a bigger ride.

The time in Bali offered Maxene deeper insights into spirituality and practices that gradually changed her world by granting her a closer look into the landscapes of her being and to hold the space for everything she explored, unravelled and discovered within her self. Familiar with her own mental health story she walked her path moving away from giving in to anger and rage to a compassionate and authentic way of living, being and meeting the world. Inspired by the explorations of her own inner laboratory and the events that took place at the same time she chose to come forward with her personal mental health story during Mental Health awareness month in 2020. This journey evoked her calling – to openly speak about mental health.

Fast forward to today Maxene is now back in Manila, Philippines where she is known as an actress and mental health advocate, currently filming a new show while working on projects to further support the Filipino people by sharing the tools she learned - kindness, compassion, devotion and love - to contribute to alleviate the ongoing lockdown situation in her home country in her own unique way. Being in an almost continuous lockdown since March 2020 a lot of Filipino people suffer whilst not familiar with other ways of responding than with anxiety and mental and emotional stress.

As shared in one of our recent journal entries mental health conditions are at a staggering rise in today's world. Something that occurs as shocking given the great variety of modalities, techniques, tools and strategies when it comes to self-love and self-care that are available today.

I spoke with Maxene about her story, her thoughts on mental health in our world today and what brought her back to connecting to herself and others from a place of authenticity and pure love. She shares openly and vulnerably on the importance of tools that helped her - and continue to do so - through difficult and turbulent times. Watch the video below to get a glimpse on her very special and gentle energy.

Connect and stay up to date with Maxene's sharings and projects via Instagram @maxenemagalona. 

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  • What a great article to read. I’m planning to do meditation as well since I’ve had an anxiety attack for the past few months. I known yoga and meditation are a big help for my mental health.

    Kima on

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