#changetheworldalittle with Paula Shaw

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What's #changetheworldalittle?

We believe that in order to bring out the best in ourselves, to open our hearts and generously give, it helps to see the good in others. And the examples of goodness in this world are countless, but unfortunately, aren't blasted on the 8 o'clock news! That is why we created the #changetheworldalittle campaign: to share and spread the word about the inspiring beings we come across. So you may feel encouraged and uplifted to shine in your way - because the world desperately needs you to do so.
How are you making a positive impact in the world? Do you know someone who does? Contact us for the chance to be featured in the campaign.

This month's change-maker and #changetheworldalittle ambassador:

Paula Shaw


Over the past 10 years, Paula has dedicated her life to guiding people through Tarot and Astrology.

But reading the future is such a small part of what she does.

Through connecting the dots between past, present and future, Paula helps her clients step back and see their lives more objectively and breathe a sigh of relief as it all begins to make more sense.

We asked Paula some personal and professional questions about what it is she does, dreams about, and more. 

If today was your last day on this earth…

What would you do today?

I would definitely spend time with my family and my closest people. I would also want my last day and mostly my last moments to be sacred and dedicated to my practice which is Tibetan Buddhism to support the process. If I absolutely knew it was my last day on Earth, I would definitely want this day to be a ceremony and a celebration of not only my life but also my death. I would also hope that I could leave a supportive message for others based on the feeling of the imminent transition from this world.

What would you regret not having done in your life?

I can honestly say that at this point in time there is nothing I regret not having done. I am fortunate that up to this moment I have been blessed with the exact right adventures to nourish my soul. There really is nothing more that I would miss other than maybe having benefited more people.

Share with us a little bit about your background.

I was born in Australia and currently live there now. I did live in Bali for 4 years where my life definitely transformed from living in the magical medicine of this island of the gods! I love living in Australia as there is a spaciousness to Australia if you want it. Nature is beautiful here. The beaches are stunning and the people are mostly super easy going and kind.


You successfully run your own business while being a mother at the same time. Could you tell us a little bit about your tricks on how to stay balanced and connected?

The first trick for me is to totally accept that I will not always be balanced and connected. This really gives me the space to be able to navigate ALL of it! I have also learned over the years that we are never going to get parenting right and that is just perfect. I also feel it is so important to be transparent with my children and to let them know where I am at as opposed to being in the struggle, not saying anything and suffering in silence.

For my family, this has made us closer and I can see this encourages my children to do the same and accept where they are at in their lives. It is a lot to juggle, but I honestly love what I do and I see it as a natural expression of my life and there is more of a consistency to it all where my business and parenting are not separate hats I wear but more of an experience of an unchanging connection to my personal values and ethics whether I am speaking with my kids, clients or business associates.

Do you have a daily practice/morning routine?

I meditate daily. When I am in the best version of my routine I begin my day with lemon water then meditation and a smoothie. I always make sure I take moments to remember what this life is about and to stay connected to my values and commitments as these keep me on the right trajectory.

What was your biggest dream/vision for your life 10 years ago??

To be doing what I’m doing today which is working full time as a spiritual/life/soul guide and support for people and to be close to my children.

What is your biggest dream/vision for your life today?

To grow what I am currently doing into more of a teaching that can benefit many people. Also, I would love to co-create a foundation/organization that is in great service to people in any kind of need.


What is something you have created/worked on that you are proud of??

The Lunar Project is an ongoing process where I send out rituals each week in line with the different phases of the Moon such as the Full Moon, the New Moon, and the First and Last Quarter Moons. Each ritual is unique and designed based on the Astrological cycles at play and also what I am picking up during sessions and my sense of what is going on in the world. The rituals are designed as a way to harness these energies.

I really love The Lunar Project as it is such a nourishing way to connect with others and to come back to myself each week in harmony with the Moon and the cycles of life. It is a beautiful practice and a beautiful offering and I am really proud of this as it aligns with all of my values. It’s funny to say this, but my life makes more sense through this project as it combines all of my experiences up to this point into one offering. Plus people are sharing that the rituals really benefit their lives and that The Lunar Project supports them to come back to a deeper connection to themselves and the cycles of life.

Please tell us about a challenge in your life that you have overcome in the past (and how you did it!)

The greatest challenge I have faced in this life is learning to love and accept myself exactly as I am.

How did I overcome this?

With lots of self-inquiry and deep inner work. This also included many supportive people and experiences along the way as well as some not so supportive but deeply transformative people experiences. Really enquiring and exploring the true nature of this reality and myself was crucial to this as it supported me in understanding at deeper levels what was really going on within my shadows. I can’t say that I have totally overcome this (I don’t know that we ever totally do or if this is even what it’s all about), however, I now have greater understanding and tools to work with these moments more effectively and this is what I share with others!


What is something you are proud of about yourself? Come on, brag a little :)

I’m proud of myself for having the courage to really go deep into the inner work. I’m really proud of how much courage I’ve had to go deep into my shadow and work through these parts of my psyche. I’m proud of my capacity to make peace with the past and for how much I am committed to self-development and to evolution.

But most of all I am super proud of how deeply I am committed to being in service and for dedicating my life to trying to be of the most benefit to beings as I can possibly be.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Strong, wise and devoted. 

How would you describe the work you currently do and what lights you up about it?

I currently work as a Soul Guide. I am dedicated to supporting people to navigate their lives on multiple levels ranging from parenting to spirituality, to relationships - pretty much anything that human-ing entails :)

I really love seeing when a piece just clicks for people that will really support them to evolve in their lives. I also love it when people realize and experience just how amazing they are… this truly excites me and keeps me going with this work.

Learn more about Paula and her work:

Website: soulfulguiding.com

Instagram: @soulfulguiding

Facebook: @SoulfulGuiding


Are you or someone you know living as a change-maker and we need to spread the word about them? Contact us for the chance to be featured.

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