Can A Moonstone Crystal Help with New Beginnings?

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Manifest the new beginnings your soul yearns for by bringing the rebirthing power of the moonstone into your life. Make your intentions for renewal come alive.

Ananda Soul Moonstone Jewelries

It feels a little magical to hold the power of the moon in your hand. But that's precisely what moonstone is. A tiny piece of lunar energy that you can carry around with you and that can support you in everything that you do, all your awakenings and transitions.

Moonstone crystal is typically associated with new beginnings, and there's so much of that unfolding at this precise moment.

As spring starts to bloom, we head into a new season of rebirth where nature awakens from its wintry slumber, and the harvests begin to take shape and thrive. Indeed the whole planet seems to be coming back to life slowly after the challenges of the past couple of years.

With so much rebirth on the horizon, it's a beautiful moment to turn inward so that you can reflect and let your inner strength take root, ready for new beginnings. 

And you can use the power of the moonstone, which symbolizes new beginnings, to bring about whatever fresh start or positive intentions you want to breathe life into right now.

Forms of Moonstone

There are several different types of moonstone, each with its own unique properties. The most common type of moonstone is generally white, gray, or pale blue in color, and other shades of moonstone include peach, yellow, green, and pink. 

There is also what is known as the striking rainbow moonstone, although it's technically not a moonstone but rather a variety of white labradorite known for its stunning iridescent colors.

The defining quality of natural moonstone is an optical phenomenon known as adularescence. This is the flickering, metallic iridescence that comes from below the surface of the moonstone, the bluish glow shining its way out from the inside.

Moonstone can be found in many different countries, including Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India, Myanmar, and Australia.

How Can I Tell a Good Quality Moonstone

Ananda Soul Moonstone Rings

Real moonstone is a stone that is beautiful precisely because of its imperfections. It has tiny parallel layers of minerals inside, and these layers are what give it such a hypnotic, iridescent effect.

When shopping for moonstone, it's important to choose a stone that is of good quality. A high-quality moonstone will have a blue luster and a bright adularescence, resembling the reflection of the moonlight. The stone should also be free of any cracks or chips to enhance its shining beauty.

The more flawless, transparent, and intensely blue a moonstone crystal is, the more valuable it will be. 

The most expensive moonstone is the Blue Moonstone, which has an electric blue sheen and is found in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Southern India.>

Although Blue Moonstone is the most expensive and rare, with the yellow, brown, and greenish tints fetching much lower prices, it is still a question of personal taste to see which stone you find more visually appealing and that resonates with your own energy.

Who Can Wear Moonstone

Moonstone is connected with the lunar cycles and everything feminine, but it can be worn by anyone who is seeking positive change or a fresh start. 

It can also be helpful for those who wish to manifest their dreams and goals as it is a powerful magnifier for the intentions that we set.

As part of its renewal energy, if you're feeling stuck in your current situation, moonstone can help to promote movement and growth. This makes this crystal beneficial for those who are struggling with letting go of the past.

Moonstone can be worn as jewelry or carried with you throughout the day. You can also place a moonstone crystal in your home or office to create a sense of calm and peace.

How to Use Moonstone for New Beginnings

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The meaning of moonstone is associated with new beginnings, inner growth, and strength. It can help you connect to your higher self, intuition, and creativity. Moonstone is also known as a stone of luck, love, and opportunities, supporting you as you work through major life changes. A moonstone crystal can help with new beginnings by providing calm and peace during chaotic or transitional periods.

By helping you connect with your intuition, moonstone can help you trust yourself, your path, and surrender to what you are birthing right now.

Just as with any other crystal, it's important to cleanse and charge it regularly to get the most out of your moonstone. 

You can do this by placing it in direct moonlight for a few hours or smudging it with incense or sage.

No matter what is shifting for you now and what you are calling in, whether it's new beginnings in your career, your relationships, or personal transitions, here are some of the ways in which you can use moonstone to call in new beginnings:

  • Wear it as jewelry. Choose a beautiful moonstone piece that makes your heart sing, and wear it as your jewelry uniform during your times of rebirth.

  • Carry a moonstone crystal in a pocket or a purse as you go about your day so that you always have it close by.

  • Use a moonstone mala to amplify your intentions for your new beginnings during meditation.

  • Place a moonstone in your sacred space or altar to support your daily spiritual rituals.

  • Place a moonstone crystal or mala in your home or office space as a reminder of your goals for this new stage in your life.

At Ananda Soul we carefully select which stones we include in our jewelry and what goodness and benefits they can bring into your life. We invite you to take a look at our moonstone collection to see which of our pieces best resonates with your intentions for rebirth.

We hope your moonstone crystal brings you the new beginnings that you’ve been yearning for.

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