Update on our Adopt a Family project & a call for donation!

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It has now been 15 months down the track since we first launched our ‘Adopt a family’ project, which we at Ananda Soul initiated back in March 2020 in order to support the Balinese community that suffered greatly from the outbreak of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Until today we have been able to support over 2000 Balinese people from all over the island with food packages to ensure basic needs.
As we write June 2021 we decided it was time for an update on our initiative, especially after several weeks of thinking back and forth whether, how and who we want to continue to support.
Not much has changed since the world started to close its doors in March 2020. Bali with its economy almost exclusively depending on tourism has remained quiet over these past few months. As the months have passed and the streets of Bali have stayed relatively empty, a lot of local businesses continued to close, leaving even more people loosing their jobs and local families finding theirselves struggling to feed their families.


However, in some regions in Bali that show a higher density of expats and potential tourism (both national and international) the situation has been easier to navigate than for those who live in remote areas and villages far from foreign support. This particularly affects the villages in the North and East of Bali. Many resorts in these more quiet areas (as opposed to the South, West and Center of Bali) had to close their doors during the absence of tourism due to Covid-19. Many villagers have lost their incomes and with this a stable source for food. 

For our next delivery which is scheduled for June 18th, we have decided to expand into the more remote regions of Bali, in particular the region around Mount Agung, Bali's biggest volcano to support the local communities that have been struggling immensely, not only since the outbreak of Covid-19, but also since Mount Agung's latest activities in 2017. With being right at the feet of our majestic volcano tourism shied away when the big mountain started to spit lava, ashes and smoke. The livelihood of the families in these regions are at stake. We are therefore reaching out to our community for further support and donations. If there is a dime to spare or you'd like more information, please head over to our website for further information.

We are looking forward to supporting the families further North this month. Please stay connected via Instagram and Newsletter to learn more about our 'Adopt a Family' project.

Our project will be going on for an indefinite amount of time. If you feel called to support our cause, head over to our donation page for a contribution or simply fall in love with one of our pieces as 10% of all proceeds flow into our Adopt a family project.
Thank you, we would have not been able to do this without you!

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