A personal New Years message & guided meditation from Christina

Posted by Christina Zipperlen on


Hey love,

A very happy and healthy New Year to you!

I am just resurfacing and reconnecting back to the outer world from a week of digital disconnection and retreat. It has dawned me after only 48 hours of being away how strongly affected and disassociated we become by being constantly on-line. 

For the New Year I have set myself the personal intention to step away from the need to constantly jump onto my phone every time it lights up and a message, email or phone call comes through. Despite its original intention to connect our digital devices disconnect us more than ever from our own energetic, emotional and physical bodies. For me it is an inherent practice to mindfully set my own boundaries and only step back into the online world when I clearly have the energy to do so.

And I invite you to take these moments for yourself, too. My vision is much clearer, my awareness for my body and my emotions rising and falling is sharpened, my nervous system finally at rest. 'I need to' turns into 'I get to.'

For the start of the new year I would like to share with you my favourite meditation technique. I use this technique to stay grounded, to deeply connect with earth, to have vitality run through the system and to release anything from my energy body and energy field, so I can show up in the best version of myself.

May you be held, may you be healthy, may you be safe, nurtured and taken care of on all levels of your being.

With so much love,


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  • Thank you so much for this beautiful, powerful meditation 🙏💚
    with love 💛💜

    Maja on
  • Thank you. That was a beautiful visualisation 💚💙

    julie paterson on
  • I love you ! thank you so much
    with love

    Antonella Gorga on

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