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She is an ode to the daydreams born of happy days, an ever evolving dance of letting go and becoming and a dedication to nourishment, wholeness and uniqueness. She reminds us of our gentle heart and extends a loving invitation to blossom and shine.

Because deeply embedded in our nature is our gift already unfolded. The seed already carries the blossom that is our becoming.

This collection inspires us to acknowledge that something that is larger than life surrounds us and prompts us to unfold and unfurl.

Meet our beautiful gems and the intentions behind each one of them:


Our Daydreamer range is an ode to the daydreams born of happy days, simplicity and gentle being.

May this gentle piece encourage you to surrender to the magic of reverie & our connection to a bigger field – to one which is larger than life. You may dream yourself big, lovely, without attachment to the how’s, when’s and what if’s, for you are meant to be more than a single cloud in the heavens of our universe. 


Life is an ever-evolving, fluid dance of letting go and becoming, of contracting and expanding. Nothing else is for us as humans to do than to trust the flow of life.

Our ever evolving pieces are here to remind you that all in this universe is in perfect flow and fluidity – at all times. Take your seat in the center of your life and witness the magic and wonders that are being offered to you. Let life do itself through you. 


Something very special has been shaping up with our 'Proud to be Unique' necklace. This pendant depicts the ever-unfolding rose and infuses her wearer with self-love and self-regard and a sense of pride towards our own unique flower – that is us.

The back of the pendant is engraved with the words ‘Proud to be unique’.


The ‘I Allow Nourishment’ pieces brings up important questions around nourishment of body, mind and soul: What in our lives truly nourishes us versus what do we think nourishes us? To what degree is nourishment a selfish act or is it in truth a generous act to nourish ourselves first, in order to be able to be in service and for the benefit of others?

This piece is a reminder for our inherent connection to Mother Earth and an invitation to give yourself the gift of nourishment and self-support.


To meet the world with an open heart is one that takes courage. To commit to being the first to do so without knowing if we will be met in this in return is an even more courageous act.

Our Gentle Heart pieces are an encouragement to infuse your life with grace, tender and loving care for yourself and all beings around you. Feel invited to keep on blossoming and keep the heart channel open.


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