6 Special Designs for Your Soul

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Just in case your life is buzzing by these days and you are spiraling in all the to-do's, chores and responsibilities...take a deeeeeppp breath and remember that this precious body and mind are THE most important tools we were gifted with to do it all in. So if we want to be able to continue to show up for all we want to do in life, let's make sure to give our body and mind the tender loving care it needs to function properly. So schedule in a little rest today 💖
Maybe treat yourself by a day off, a spa treatment  a vacation, or a beautiful new piece of jewelry created for self love. We've selected 6 special creations that are especially designed to nurture and recharge your energy reserves and make your heart smile.
All the items you see below come with a FREE Soulsmiles bracelet along with a free Miracles bracelet if you order before May 31st and enter the code MOTHERSDAY at checkout (because we don't celebrating mothers not just on one day ;)

 Warm Embrace Earrings • $239

These delicate earrings are created to give a sense of being held and embraced throughout your journey on this planet. Rose Quartz is a powerful stone that connects us to our heart.

 Amma Earrings • $149

Amma is hindi word for mother - reflected in this simple design sparkling with abundant love & warmth and enforced by the powerful properties of Rose Quartz. An elegant brushed setting holds the facetted gem shining in its fullest beauty.

Widely known as the “love” or “heart” stone, Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love and opens its wearer to all forms of love: self love, romantic love, family love, platonic love … It’s heart opening qualities act soothing on the nervous system, decreasing stress levels and increasing happiness, trust and harmony.


 River of Compassion Bracelet • $94

A beautiful bracelet designed to celebrate love! The perfect gift that gives back in so many ways. What a blessing we get to experience such a powerful emotion that makes up our every cell.

Pink Tourmaline is a deeply nurturing, cleansing stone that directly touches the heart. Rose Quartz brings love and sweetness into our life.

This bracelet is handmade by the moms at the Light Hope Foundation - empowering them and their children to a life off the streets. 


 Angel Whispers Necklace • $268

This necklace is a reminder that you are guided and supported. Whenever you feel lost or overwhelmed, close your eyes and listen to your soul and intuition whispering to you. Wear this stunning powerful piece of Rose Quartz close to your heart - along with the little feather encouraging you to fly towards your dreams.


 Precious Soul Necklace • $168

The gorgeous 22kt Gold Vermeil heart is accompanied by a sparkling Rose Quartz pendant. May you feel loved!

 All is Love Ring • $268

This powerful ring made from 22kt Gold Vermeil carries the affirmation 'All is love' engraved on the band so that you can carry the vibration of abundant love with you every day.

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