About Ananda Soul

Ananda Soul is an ethically produced jewelry and clothing label based in Ubud, Bali.
While we adore creating unique bohemian designs that make women feel special,
the most important driving force behind our work is our passion for sustainable and ethical production.
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Ananda Soul is the lovechild of designer / founder Christina Zipperlen,
who never considered herself a business woman but rather an artist and a yogi.
Her focus was to share her own encounters with spirituality, the deeper meaning of life
and overcoming body image issues with other women and in 2008 Ananda Soul was born
as the result of her expression of those values in form of wearable art.
The one thing we hear over and over from customers is how very special they feel
when entering our store or wearing our creations. 
May you feel the blessings and intentions when wearing our designs, while feeling 108% good
about your impact on the planet and the people who made the items you purchase from us.
If you wish to hear and read more about our story, inspirations and current projects, visit our blog page.