Source: mined in South Africa, ethically cut in Jaipur, India

Chakra: 4th Heart Chakra (also 3rd Solar Plexus Chara)

Birthstone: August

Zodiac: Libra (Also: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sorpio, Sagitarius)

Organs: Heart, gallbladder, lungs, eyes, blood

Typical colors: Green (yellow – olive)

Properties: Fresh start, releasing old patterns, Healing, Growth, cleansing, patience


Peridot is known for its cleansing and purifying qualities, neutralizing toxins in the body ad protecting the aura. It is a heart opener helping to release old, negative patterns and inviting love, joy and growth into your life. Peridot minimizes stress and exhaustion and gives relief of jealousy, anger, bitterness, and greed. It is filled with friendly, loving energy, clearing the heart and releasing the ego. It is powerful in healing hurt feelings and mending broken friendships.

Peridot is know to be a ‘visionary stone’ and aids us with connecting with our purpose of existence, helping us visualize our highest potential. Peridot is particularly powerful in healing healers.

Peridot stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. It is known to assist with giving birth (recommended not to wear during pregnancy until in the labor process), stimulating contractions and lessening pain. Peridot has healing effects on tissues and organs like the heart, gallbladder and lungs and is also know to improve eyesight. Peridot aids in reducing stress, regenerating tissues and cleansing the blood.



I soften my heart to embrace how loved I am. I trust the strength of my own heart, deeply knowing that I am always safe.

I courageously choose love, joy and transformation. I confidently keep my life purpose in sight at all times.