'I surrender and I trust' campaign

Shooting the campaign for the 'I surrender and I trust' collection was filled with countless moments of synchronicity, surrender and trust in the mystical process of creativity. 
Below are the images from our photoshoot as well as the campaign video. It was a great honor to work with a group of inspiring individuals at a stunning location!
Model: Anastasiia Yakhnina
Photographer: Saskia Koerner
Videographer: Jesse Souligny
Hair & Makeup: Nicci Rosenkowitz
Location: Planta Resort
Dresses: Warriors of the Divine & Spirited Living by Susanna Nova
Jewelry: Ananda Soul

As always, this collection has been charged up with blessings from our local Balinese priest in a special ceremony.

May these pieces of our new collection inspire you to nourish yourself, surrender into your essence and trust that you are held by life.
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