Your complete full moon profile


Completion. Balance. Surrender.



All lights on! It’s the Full Moon. During the Full Moon la Luna is located directly opposite the Sun, receiving the maximum load of sunlight there can be. Utilize this charge to reset and recharge. The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, a time to shine in your full brightness.

You, Full Moon baby, were born sometime between the Day of the Full Moon and within 3½ days after. 


You were born to shine, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Children born under the Full Moon are expansive in their energy, present, public, ‘out there’, larger than life, luminous and visible. 

Full Moon humans are bright personalities, known idealists that feel the strong desire to light up our worlds. The world needs your light to bring positivity into every situation. Your strength is particular, as it comes from the ability to find common ground between that which others would commonly see as irreconcilable. 

You are Yin and Yang, Black and White, Yes and No, Light and Dark – this integrated equilibrium of two opposing forces will make you complete and awakened to your full potential. 

You are highly emotional, spontaneous, and empathetic, and you never apologize for being who you are. 


Because of the position of the Moon – in direct opposition to the Sun – this phase is one of opposing forces. Thus you might experience internal struggles between what you know is logical (Sun), and what your heart truly wants (Moon). You might have a plentitude of different desires that pull you in all sorts of different directions, which makes you exciting and versatile at the same time. But to some, you also may come off as inconsistent or indecisive. For a child of the Full Moon, the most crucial key to a life in harmony is the ability to balance your inner contradictions and the tides of your emotions. 

Full Moon humans will develop and learn most from relating to others. One of your big life lessons is to find answers to the questions “How do I navigate my own light without shutting it down or dimming it? How will my own light inspire others to shine rather than intimidate?”


As a Full Moon child, being the bright light that you are, there might be people around you that are drawn to your radiance while others might find you overwhelming. This is why ‘balance’ is an important keyword for many Full Mooners in manifold ways. 

You will become more at balance if you harness your ability to ride out your inner contradictions and the highs and lows of your emotional world. Your energies can be very potent if you channel them appropriately. Feeling torn between two ways will ultimately land in some form of new awareness that you are meant to reach (Illumination).

If you can master the art of maintaining an active balance between emotions and logic, between your dark side and your bright side, between the external and the internal - that is when you know that you have awakened to the full potential of a Full Moon child. To listen to yourself and follow your strongest impulses invites harmony into your being. 

Mastering the art of equilibrium will expose your exceptional competence in executing any complex situation or task and bring it to full completion. Reconciling different aspects of your contradictory self will actually allow you to project this skill onto others and difficult social situations.


If you are born during the Full Moon phase, this is your power day and it’s a potent day in the lunar month to initiate new projects, to work with ritual and ceremony, to let things go and to take some sacred time out for you. If you pay attention, you may notice that it is around this time that you feel more energized as this is in harmony with the day you arrived on Earth!

The Full Moon phase is associated with harvest, celebration and gratitude and brings about the completion of all the hard work that came before it. It is the time in which the structure, having attained perfection and completeness, experiences the urge to become infused with meaning and purpose. It is time when all that was instinctual becomes now deliberate action, all that was felt before will now be made visible. The ideals are to be realized, brought forth into the world for all to have. Become aware of what has hit the spotlight and release what is no longer serving you.



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