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Willpower. Possibility. Impulse.



The First Quarter Moon is the time when the Moon is growing in her own light, halfway between a New Moon and a Full Moon.

This third phase of the lunar cycle is one of action. Action based on instincts. After the sprout rises above the ground, clear action sits at the core of this phase – and now it is time to grow. 

If you were born during the First Quarter Phase of the Lunar Cycle, you have been born between 7 and 10 ½ days of the lunar month. 


As a child born under the First Quarter Moon, you are a builder, a pioneer, a born leader - a getting stuff done kind of person. In your world – all is possible. You are highly aware of your potential and the potential of others and you have the ability to see what to others still remains unseen.

You are a person of action who loves a good, juicy challenge. The more difficult the challenge, the more excited you get – and the better you perform. 

You want to achieve things – not necessarily for the sense of accomplishment or to be praised by others – but simply because you cannot fathom any other way of living. Your will is strong and so is your ability to push through difficulties and make decisions. You often experience personal satisfaction from overcoming obstacles. 

You are the one that can always be expected to do the unexpected. You are incredibly able to rise to the occasion of any emergency. With an innate impulsivity and creative ability, you thrive in situations that require quick thinking and action at the same time. Go for it, moon child.


In the First Quarter Moon phase, the Sun and the Moon square one another – astrologically speaking this constellation stands for ‘tension’. As someone born in this constellation, you feel this natural tension which is an everyday trigger for you to take action and remain motivated at all times. 

With that key trait of taking action, you are the kind of strong individual that people turn to in order to get things done. You are proactive, can identify problems and deal with them long before they become bigger. At times this tendency, however, can result in creating unnecessary problems when they could have been resolved simply by letting things be. At that moment in time, you might want to ask yourself if this situation actually benefits from immediate action or if a more gentle approach might be suitable. 

Balance is key and a forever challenge for you to find. Survival is something you learned early on and managerial skills come naturally to you. That is why you can be trusted to manage the new into reality, even if there is only a vague outline of what the new really is. Your key lesson is to manage energy which has been released and then restructure it into new form. You clear, you action, you build.


As a First Quarter Moon child, you are confident and adept at taking risks – however, be aware to not create conflict in the lives of those entrenched in the status quo or to wreak havoc on your own life out of the drive for excitement. 

This doesn’t mean that you need to become passive, what it rather means is for you to learn to cultivate the art of patience which will complement your strong personality and will allow you to reach your full potential.

Getting the old out of the way is more important to you than the actual building of the new. You know that progress cannot continue by living in or holding on to the past. You are able to make split second decisions and act on them. Just be careful to not tear down what is still meant to be.


If you are born during the First Quarter Moon phase, this is your power day and it’s a potent day in the lunar month to initiate new projects, to work with ritual and ceremony, to let things go and to take some sacred time out for you. If you pay attention, you may notice that it is around this time that you feel more energized as this is in harmony with the day you arrived on Earth!

The moon's attraction energy reaches its peak during the first quarter phase. It is a time to take action. Be brave and confident as you set forth the changes you are planning and reaching for. 

This is when the Moon seems to be a half-moon, so while you are continuing to shed light onto your plans, you might also start to illuminate self-limiting beliefs, resulting in the initial excitement to wear off a bit. If fear and doubts arise, summon your courage and push through. After all, it is your time to shine.






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