Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

Source: ethically mined in Tuva Republic, Russia, cut in Italy

Chakra: 5th Throat Chakra (also 6th Third eye chakra)

Birthstone: December

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Element: Sun

Organs: Thyroid

Typical colors: sky blue

Properties: Good fortune, communication, wisdom, truth, abundance, honesty, relaxation, forgiveness


This beautiful sky blue stone balances the 5th Chakra, increasing communication skills, truth, wisdom and forgiveness, helping you to stay true to yourself. Blue Topaz promotes joy, abundance and good fortune. It also encourages honesty, aids in expressing ideas and artistic inspirations and increases intelligence and creativity Blue Topaz facilitates thinking through and expressing complex concepts and ideas.

Blue topaz aids digestion, fortifies the nerves, balances emotions and stimulates the metabolism. It is known to combat eating disorders. It is also known to increase the general health around the neck and throat area. Blue Topaz releases tension, helping one to relax.



My life is overflowing with joy. I express my soul’s truth with clarity and love. I am fulfilled by my work and my creativity is an abundant well. I release old negative ideas or patterns and invite clarity in my life.

aim hrim om sarasvatyai namah