Black Friday Early Access

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✨ A Note from the founder ✨


Ananda soul does not support fast fashion or impulsive consumption.

We believe in acting with intention and mindfulness. So having a black friday sale felt a bit conflicting for us.

Every year we find ourselves sitting with the question of whether we should participate in black friday a day that is dedicated to sales, promotions and mass consumerism that has become louder and more aggressive with every passing year...

But when we think of you, all that tension is resolved. When our customers receive our jewelry and tell us of the love, healing, and guidance they feel from it, it warms our hearts.

Not participating is not going to make it go away. Instead, we have decided to empower consumers with a choice. By participating in our own little way we offer an option to shop in service of the planet and its people.

How can we change the world a little? That has always been our guiding star.

We are in business to improve lives, to operate with transparency and trust, and to be aware of the impact we leave on the world.

We hope, if you choose to shop with us, that you feel a little warmer and brighter when you wear ananda soul.

And if our sale makes that journey more accessible to you, we rejoice.

Follow your intuition.
Bring forth kindness and love.

With blessings from Bali,
Founder and designer of Ananda Soul 



“Burst of Sunlight & Beauty”

These rings are just stunning and are so comfortable to wear. I just love the design and the way these rings exude and catch the all beauty that the world has to offer. The citrine stone is stunning. I love the sales staff- they answered all my questions and responded to every email. I love the good works of this company- their care for the women and children in their community and it makes me feel good that a portion of my purchase goes toward this initiative. Finally, I love and appreciate the prayer that comes with these rings. The energy and beauty they exude is calming...and healing. If you are nervous about making this investment, please don't be. The craftsmanship of the rings and the customer care is lovely and reassuring.
- Karen M. Canada
Truth of My Soul & True Colors Rings • Citrine 9




You are already brilliant. Our jewelry just helps you shine.

⟡ Ethically made by the women of Bali 

Whether you’re purchasing for yourself or a loved one, our hand-crafted jewelry carries the care and love of our people. We ensure fair wages and safe working space for every stage of our production, from raw materials all the way to you. 

⟡ Consciously crafted with recycled metals 

Forged of recycled precious metals to reduce our impact and protect our mother planet and its people. 

⟡ Supporting the women and children of Balinese communities 

10% of every purchase is given back to those in need within our local community here in Bali. 

⟡ Carrying powerful healing vibrations 

Inlaid with crystals and gemstones to guide and heal your soul, the energy carried by our jewels is deeply powerful to feel. 

⟡ Blessed in prayer for love & well-being 

Blessed by a priest in Balinese ceremony, our jewels are sent to you with care and intention.