Special Episode: Sink Into Your Intuition Meditation by Christina Zipperlen

Posted by Christina Zipperlen on

Within us resides a collection of tales and stories – a wisdom passed on through generations a long, long time ago. You are invited to join me in a 10 minute meditation to come to meet tales, wonders and magic that have always already been residing within you, but might have not been accessible to you. You will be guided to listen to the wonders and whispers of your own inner wisdom that stir your heart and ignite a fire deep within your soul. You will be guided back to getting in touch with your intuition, your heart and gut, so you may move into the world as a full expression of your truth.

Grab a cushion or blanket, find yourself in your most comfortable seat or lie down and allow yourself to be carried into a safe space from which you get to see all parts and tales of you.

We hope you will enjoy this unique exploration into your own world of tales and wonders. 

Here is your free meditation with Christina. Find a quiet space, maybe a cushion, and press play 🤍

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