HER STORIES – Life in a female body | EP 01 with Emily Kuser

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Bodies come in many shapes, sizes, ages and stages of health. As humans and almost on a daily basis, we are exposed to standardized perceptions of what a beautiful, strong and healthy body and their features should look and feel like. We meet peer judgement, silent judgement and our own self-talk, oftentimes without even asking where these ways of thinking and believing are truly coming from. 

In the following series ‘HER STORIES – Life in a female body’ we interviewed an incredible mix of inspiring women that all represent in their own ways different facets and aspects of beauty with having on thing in common: they are without any doubt beautiful.

Our first interview is with Emily Kuser, yoga and embodiment teacher who currently lives in Bali. Emily is at the time of the interview 8 months pregnant and on her very own journey around beauty and how it feels to be in this human body.

In the upcoming episodes we will speak with the 68 year old Soma who shares her heart and eye-opening story around moving through the ages and what it feels like to be in a 68 years old body today. Sophie shares her story on having a baby and what it feels like to turn to a new found sense of embodiment and wisdom. Please stay put... ;) 

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