Episode 5 | The yoga of life with Meghan Currie

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She is a widely admired and sought after yogini and yoga teacher, a yoga wear designer, an inspiring artist and musician and avid olive oil lover. 

Most people know her for her body - (and mind) bending presence on social media where she shares on the art of breath, consciousness, meditation, flow and on how she navigates this world in our human form. 

"What if we were like seeds, so uniquely coded, and when nourished in certain ways, different aspects would grow. What if the different external circumstances we experience trigger new aspects to come to life, aspects of our intrinsic nature that were never expected. And what if we could trust in how we are growing, what we are creating, the journey we are being taken on, and trust that our inner urges are pulling us in all the right directions.

I believe urges are like an inner nudge to nourish some aspect of ourselves to life. And that when we nourish them, we stand in new terrain composed of possibility." – Meghan Currie

In this episode I speak with Meghan about her yoga journey, humbleness, the intricacies of life, on how to trust our individual ride when we understand that we get to collaborate with life at all times. 

To learn more about Meghan Currie visit her website at https://www.meghancurrieyoga.com.


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