A free meditation – An offering for your heart

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I put this meditation together as a gift for those of you who wish to find ways to feel into their hearts, to live, speak and act from this place and to curiously explore the pathways within and around it.

The world can be a busy and hectic place. Especially shortly before the Holiday season, especially on Black Friday. Many seek to claim your attention right this moment in time and we are glad you landed here, with us, in a space of reprieve.

As the wise Rumi once said

“If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”

I think this quote beautifully shares every reason why we should be in our hearts more, today more than ever: to find our own ways as we dare to get out of our way and to see and feel with clarity, but only when we are truly tapped into our hearts.

With this offering you are invited to come to meet yourself in all facets of who you are. To leap out of the current role you find yourself in right this moment in time and to take a grounded seat within your own chest. May this bring out the beauty of your own heart and may you take action to lift it like a prayer to the sky.

A few instructions

Grab a cushion or blanket, find yourself in your most comfortable seat or lie down and allow yourself to be carried into a safe space.

After the meditation, if you feel like it, grab pen and paper and write from your heart whatever floods your being. Let it be a reminder for you of what it feels like to be in your own heart.


“As you live Deeper in the Heart, the Mirror gets clearer and cleaner.” – Rumi


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