Smudge, cleanse, bless and clear – our Ananda Soul Cleansing Kit is here!

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Crystals are magical little things – they lend us all of their remarkable properties and serve as powerful tools for channeling energy, healing, and protection. Whenever there is a need or desire for a specific energy or outcome, crystals can be our little helpers to support us in that very endeavour.

And like all things that are magical and of use they need tender loving care.



Crystals can absorb and hold onto the energy they are exposed to. This is why you should cleanse and charge them to keep their energies clear so that they are most effective in supporting your positive intentions.

By cleansing your crystals and crystal jewelry, you clear them of any negative energy they may have accumulated over time.

Once the energy of your crystals is cleansed, you can charge them again. By charging your crystals, you fill them up with positive energy that can be used for any purpose you choose. This energy will help to amplify the effects of the crystal's natural properties and increase their healing power.


Smudging with white sage is a powerful cleansing herb for homes, rooms and just about anything else. 


  1. Set the space you are going to cleanse your jewelry in to create a safe and clean container. You can lay out crystals, incense, set up candles, flowers, deity figurines, pen and journal and any other trinkets that have a special or even sacred meaning to you.
  2. Prepare the jewelry/crystals you want to cleanse.
  3. Light up a candle, take a moment and ground and feel into the space that you have just set up for yourself. Is there anything that needs clearing, can you sense something that makes you feel uneasy or unsafe?
  4. Cleanse and sage the space, in particular if you feel energies that you want to get rid of, smudge the crystals and everything that surrounds the jewelry.
  5. Then cleanse the jewelry, smudge it with an empty mind & clear thoughts. Allow the smoke to envelop the jewelry. Imagine or visualise yourself pouring your positive energies and thought streams into the jewelry, while you are blasting free anything that could be lingering, as if you are giving it a power wash.
  6. Pick up a flower bud and sprinkle holy water on the petals, wave them above the crystals and jewelry pieces and bless them with your wishes and energy.
  7. You can drop into a short meditation and set your intention while putting the jewelry on or holding it in your hands. Feel the jewelry, charge it up with your feelings and intentions or even speak to it if you wish or have something to say to it.
  8. Fortify or expand your intention through journaling on it. Wear it as you do so.

We can’t wait to see how you use it! Share your impressions with us on Instagram and tag @anandasoulcreations!

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