GIVE-AWAY! Celebrating self-worth...because you are precious exactly the way you are!

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What makes us feel worthy? Loved? Content with who we are? Each one of us has different things through which we define our worth. But what happens when those ‘things’ get taken away? What if the looks fade, the success takes a dip or the relationship crumbles? What if the people around us drop into a state of fear, the economy drops or things don't go as we hoped? Suddenly we have to dig a bit deeper for a sense of ‘ feeling complete’ that isn’t defined by externals. That exact sense of 'completeness' is the meaning of ‘Ananda’ - ‘The contentment inside ourselves that doesn’t have an external reason, it resides in each on of us’.
So it feels fitting to discuss the topic of self-worth and to encourage you to tap into the sweet realisation that you are worthy as your true self. Once we deeply understand that no externals define our value we can go out into the world and celebrate all the material blessings with so much joy - letting go of any underlying fear of losing them.
To celebrate this sense of self-love we are giving away a Jai Ma necklace.
Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance, beauty, love and generosity.
Garnet is a deeply grounding stone, activating confidence, security and self-love in us.
Enter to win by submitting your name and email in the form above. Good luck!!
We will announce the winner via email on November 30th, 2016

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