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7 tips for self-confidence


What makes me worthy?
What makes me lovable?
What do I want to be doing with this one precious life? 


Many of us at one time or another will find ourselves at a point in our lives when we begin asking these questions. Our daily routine might have lost meaning, we shuffle through life on autopilot, checking off the boxes that need to be checked: go to work, shop for groceries, cook dinner for the kids, try to get a decent night’s sleep, repeat.

But life is so much more than these actions. Life wants to be DANCED, not walked through in a zombie-like state where we simply do everything that is expected of us.


I’d love to share with you some tricks on how I have been finding answers to those questions in my own life - maybe they resonate with you, precious!

7 Tips to connect with your Self-worth:

 1. Don’t let others define your Self-worth

Whenever you feel negative or self-doubting voices in your head, ask yourself whose voices those are. What are they saying? Who taught you those values and belief systems? I find the strongest killer of feeling worthy is when I start comparing myself to others. Comparing ourselves to others is already a lost case - you are so very unique in your own makeup, history and purpose that comparison is a pure and utter waste of your energy.


2. Look for the qualities you value in others

What are your favorite qualities in your best friend, your lover, your pet, your partner, your mother, father, sister, husband, wife? What makes you feel that they are amazing beings? Asking those questions is a really easy way to start figuring out what you truly value in life. If those qualities are worthy and precious to you, start searching for examples where you have embodied those qualities yourself. I suggest to write them down to really fully go into feeling and remembering where those qualities and characteristics are present in you.


3. Respect your dreams and internal agreements

Have you ever made a promise to yourself that you didn’t honor? I want to meditate more regularly. I want to spend more time with my family. I want to eat more healthily. I want to go to sleep earlier. Every single time we don’t honor the promises we make to ourselves, our subconscious remembers the betrayal. It’s almost like it says: ‘Oh yeah, really? I’m gonna believe this when I see it!’ and once the promise is broken it says, ‘Well, I knew that already...I didn’t even believe and trust you in the first place’.


How can we expect to feel love and respect for ourselves if we continuously break the promises we make to ourselves? If someone else breaks their promises over and over, we stop trusting them. And it is the same exact thing with our own self-trust. Keep your word to yourself! It is the most precious promise you will ever make.


4. Take time to adorn your body

Feeling worthy also has a lot to do with feeling beautiful. Sometimes when the world around us just gets too demanding, when we keep breaking little promises to ourselves and when we start comparing ourselves to others, we just don’t feel beautiful. It is so important to take a timeout in those moments to reconnect with your radiance and beauty. My favourite tools to feel radiant is to move my body - dance, run, do yoga - any way that I can find to breath deeply and get my heart pumping.

Once I moved, I love to take a little extra time to adorn this precious gift that is my body by being mindful about the clothes I put on and by honoring it with jewelry and natural makeup. It’s so much fun to turn this into a little beauty ritual and step out of the house feeling like the bright and beautiful queen that you are.


5. Connect with the higher wisdom

Whenever we feel small or unworthy, the easiest way to put things back into balance is to tap into the higher wisdom of the Universe. My own favourite way is to connect with the powers of crystals and gemstones. Crystals are a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself because of the history and wisdom they possess, which can help you tap into your own past and your own inner wisdom. Crystals hold thousands, sometimes millions, of years of the Earth’s history within them. Merely holding a crystal transfers its years of healing into your palm -- the wisdom of ancient civilizations, the power of nature and all that the universe has created. And each crystal has a separate strength to impart, so finding the right one can help bring everything into focus and harmony. Looking to cultivate love, for example? Turn to Rose Quartz. Hoping to tap into courage and confidence? Citrine is for you. Simply hold your crystals in your hand while meditating or place them under your pillow at night to let them work their magic.


6. Take time to nurture yourself

Taking time to nurture ourselves often is one of the first promises we break in busy and stressful times. Finding rest and gentleness in life is so important to be able to live life to the fullest. One of the easiest ways to step back into nurturing ourselves is to take a bath. Not many people know that lying horizontally in warm water has actually been proven to improve one’s mood. Taking a hot bath before bed can also improve your sleep at night, and that’s before adding essential oils, epsom salts or incense, which can increase those benefits even further. Taking a bath is perhaps the most tangible, physical way to truly take time for yourself. It requires a physical separation from your significant other, your children, your television or computer. Without any effort on your part, a hot bath has the power to calm your mind and slow your breathing, allowing you the mental space you need to reflect and reconnect.


7. Look for playfulness in your life - don’t take life so seriously

In serious times I often find myself taking my own life and my own self just SO very serious. So it’s a no-brainer that this seriousness can easily result in negative thoughts and act as a total buzz-killer in life. I have a few ways to step out of that seriousness. One way is to play loud music and literally dance like nobody's watch...hopping, wiggling, spinning and stomping (sorry downstairs neighbors ;) Try it, I swear, it works magic!! Another beautiful way to interrupt the oh-so-serious look on life is to laugh. For no reason. Many people struggle with traditional forms of meditation due to distractions, the inability to focus or sit for long periods of time, which is why laughing meditation is such a wonderful alternative. You have nothing to focus on and no words to remember, all you have to do is laugh. Similar to the benefits of traditional meditation, laughing has been proven to lower stress, cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as boost the immune system. Plus, it’s just plain fun.


I hope these tips make you remember how precious and amazing you are!! Please share with anyone you feel could benefit from this.


With so much love,



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