How is Lakshmi blessing your life?

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Lakshmi is widely known as the Hindu goddess of financial abundance - and hence often worshipped in hope for money, wealth and success. However, Lakshmi is the goddess of so very much more than just financial wellbeing. Some of her other qualities are cleanliness, supple beauty and gentleness. Lakshmi is present whenever we are mesmerised by the radiance of a flower and the peacefulness of a sunset. It is also her essence we feel when we wake up in the morning with full energy and health. She manifests through uplifting connections and loving friendships. She is present through fertility and birth.
And she loves order & cleanliness - saucha in Sanskrit - since such qualities speak for our sense of appreciation of our belongings, it shows that we honor the blessings she brings into our lives - therefore inspiring her to continuously show up in our lives.
So really, Lakshmi is also the goddess of gratitude and appreciation! She strongly dislikes wastefulness and the pollution of our precious planet. Her longing for cleanliness also includes the care taking of our planet. She is the goddess of sustainability and mindfulness towards mother Earth.
How can you honor Lakshmi today in your life? Where can you protect our planet today? How can you express your appreciation for your blessings right now? 
The more I learn about Lakshmi, the more I am in awe of her beautiful, considerate and delicate influence. When we truly understand her, we can truly understand what abundance means - and can make peace with any wrong beliefs we have around the topics of money and wealth. If we listen to Lakshmi we learn what true wealth really means.
It has been such a joy and honor to work with Lakshmi in the Dharma collection we just launched. I loved creating a lush and sparkling mala that incorporates warm and empowering crystals such as Rose Quartz, Citrine and Tourmaline to honor and welcome Lakshmi’s presence.
Rose Quartz and Pink Tourmaline soften our hearts and welcome gratitude and appreciation. Citrine empowers us to shine and radiate in full health and full power. We also created a bracelet version with the same stones, which is made by the moms at the Light of Hope Foundation. 
The Lakshmi necklace is a short and delicate version in honor of this radiant goddess, again with Pink Tourmaline to open our hearts and practice thanksgiving.
In the Jai Ma Necklace, Lakshmi is accompanied by a powerful Garnet that dangles right around our power centre, grounding us and helping us to shine.
The silver version carries an Amethyst, the stone for meditation so we can find peace in our lives and through this relaxation experience the blessings showering into our lives everywhere.
I hope you will find your favourite expression of Lakshmi to accompany you in your day to day. Don’t hesitate to email us if you’d like any assistance or have any questions about choosing your favourite piece.
With so much love!

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