Could there be a message in all this insanity?

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With all this craziness going on in the word, this piece of writing came through me a few days ago. This virus is real and we all need to take it seriously. It is taking lives, destroying businesses and running like a wave of fear through this world.

Let's remind each other along the way that we are in this together, let's support each other in ways we can so we may come out of this stronger and more united than we could have ever imagined.

PS: Make sure you follow us in Instagram where I have been sharing some of my personal practices to calm my nervous system in this challenging time. 

Below this poem is a link to me sharing my own daily meditation practice. May it bring you peace.


I am your mother and I have spoken.

I need you to listen to me:

What you are doing is not working.

You know what? I’ve been sensing that, too. 

But even if I wanted, I’m too small to make a difference. The system is gigantic. 

I have some suggestions; do you want to hear?

Sure, but I just have a minute, so please make it quick. 

Well, I’ll see what I can do. So, this is what’s up: 

You are focusing on the wrong things in life, you can’t keep going much longer like this.

Like what?

Constantly chasing, competing, one-upping. You don’t even notice the ones around you anymore.

For a start, could you please just stay put? Maybe fly less? Drive less? The constant movement … I can hardly breathe.

But I really have to get to where I’m going. You wouldn’t understand, my destination is crucial.

Then at least get in the habit of riding a bike? Or public transport? Or walk?

Do you know how long that takes? And the stress of riding a bus? And then get to work all sweaty? 

But that’s not what matters. Darling, you need to slow down, you are burning out.

Really? Then what do you think they invented coffee for? I have tons of energy, I can keep going forever.

But I can’t. 
And neither can you, you’ll see soon enough.
Your nervous system needs nurturing and so do I. 
Rest, so you can hear the voice of your soul, the whispers of your intuition. Otherwise, you’ll get sick if you keep going like this.

Oh, you hippie! I’m going to yoga once a week, that’ll surely do?

You just don’t get it. When did you visit your mother last? 
I keep telling you, spend time with your elders, do it while you can.
You do need their wisdom, believe it or not. 

I wish there were more hours in the day. I’m just so busy, can’t you see? 
All the hustle to make it in the world, to confirm that I’m worthy, I just don’t have time.

How about you just take the night off? Cook a meal. Truly nourish yourself and your loved ones.

Are you even listening to me? I don’t have time! Have you seen my schedule? There are bills to pay.

You should meditate.
I’ve tried, I just can’t sit still.

Then plant a garden?
Oh, what a cute idea, but that’s too much work, plus I wouldn’t know how.

Too tedious.

Solar energy.
Too expensive. 

Create art?
Have you gotten the memo, art doesn’t make money!

Did YOU get the memo? Money doesn’t buy happiness, health is what matters.
Money rules the world.
And on that note, I have to go.

Oh really? 


Let me show you what rules the world.

I burned, I raged, and you still won’t listen!

I love you but you’ve gone too far. 

Go to your room and think about what you’ve done. 

Fine, I’ve been wanting to write that masterpiece, get a kickass hot body, increase my followers and finally get ahead in this virtual game. I can do all that from home.

NO! You still. Don’t. Get it.
How about you just sit still?
Get off that device and just be!
Reflect on what truly matters.
Listen to the silence and what may arise.
Find the space to create real connections.
Protect your elders, play with your children, cook for your family, connect with your community.
Take this chance to heal your body, calm your nervous system, open your heart.
So that you can come out of this stronger and clearer than ever before.

I am your mother and I have spoken.

You might not see this right now, but I come with best intentions.

You already know the shifts that are needed.

Ok fiiine. Can I come out now?

Not yet, I will let you know when it’s time.

A little hint though, I will think about it,
only if you can show
that you’re ready for true change.

~ by Christina Zipperlen


You are loved meditation

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