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In our busy Social Media world filters and staged images have taken the forefront of a lot of content shared – a matter that oftentimes creates misconceptions and false expectations around beauty standards as well as online success. 

You might remember the words 'Own who you are' from our journal gift that we have been sharing throughout this year as part of some of our campaigns. Today we want to take this one step further and spread the message of owning who you are throughout the entire digital space.

'To own who you are' means to give yourself permission to explore and get to know your truth, your true essence nature, including and integrating all parts that make you who you are. It means to be grateful for life’s offerings – with all its facets, concepts and ideas, just as much as its trials and errors.

With everything going on in the world, the one thing the world needs the most at this point in time is AUTHENTICITY. Authenticity asks for people to stand in their wholeness, to come to completion by standing here with all colors and aspects of their being.

For this we decided to create our own Instagram Story Filter. So exciting! This filter isn't about beautifying or changing anything about how we look, or about cushioning, blending blemishes, hiding dark circles or wrinkles, but showing us with all that we are and maybe even more. In short we highlight YOU unfiltered, unaltered in all your beauty. 

How to find our filter:

Resize the browser window to see how the size of the video player will scale.

Head to the Instagram app. Open the Ananda Soul Account at @anandasoulcreations. Click on the Filter icon in the profile register and select the filter. Have fun!

Join our movement by using and sharing our filter and the hashtag #ownwhoyouare !

We can not wait to see all your beautiful faces!

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