Moon Journal: birthed under the sliver of the moon to change and inspire your life

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We are incredibly excited to launch something so very special that we have been working on for several months now.


Our work with Grandmother Moon in the last 12-18 months has impacted us deeply as we ourselves have begun to attune our lives stronger and with a lot more depth to the phases of the moon and our true wild and free-spirited nature. It has become a deeply ingrained part of us to listen to the cycles of our own bodies while simultaneously looking at the stars and the moon and her phases. Her reflections in the skies have left deep imprints in our hearts and our beings.

So much so that what has been birthed is nothing less than an extension of her energy and an expression of (he)art.

Our incredibly beautiful, awe inspiring, breathtaking, impressive, intelligent, shimmery, rose-colored, jaw dropping, eye rubbing, enthralling, enrapturing, mesmerising



Our Moon Journal is a beautiful and precious piece of art that is inspired by all phases of the moon and the vibrance of life. It is a design that carries all human shapes at any stage of life in mind. It has the intention to take you onto a journey of Self, 365 days a year, but in your own time. Which is also why we are launching it now. Because we wanted to.

Be inspired by journaling prompts, quotes, habit trackers, moon affirmations, intention setting prompts and unique illustrations, lovingly designed and hand-drawn by our amazing designer, Astrid.

This journal has 166 beautifully designed pages made from wood free paper and printed with soy ink.


May it speak to your heart and soul.

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